AT&T to Provide Global Networking Services to AstraZeneca

AT&T provides AstraZeneca with flexible, managed network services to help global pharmaceutical meet business growth demands

London, United Kingdom, December 16, 2011

AT&T* has been selected by AstraZeneca to provide global networking and communications services. AT&T will provide the company, a leading biopharmaceutical business, with advanced, highly-secure and flexible network-based services.  The network will support AstraZeneca employees worldwide. 

The objective is to provide AstraZeneca with innovative networking technologies and a flexible, highly-adaptive network that will provide a platform with a high level of security to enhance collaboration both within the company and with key external suppliers.

The deal is part of a wider set of agreements AstraZeneca has struck with four leading IT service companies who together will provide the company with a suite of integrated services. As well as networking technology from AT&T, other companies will provide a range of services including IT service support, collaboration tools and end user computing.


“We relish the opportunity to bring the resource of AT&T to bear on a global scale for AstraZeneca. Working closely with the other key suppliers, our aim is to provide a network that gives flexibility and innovation to AstraZeneca,” said Dave Langhorn, AT&T Vice President, for UK and Ireland.