Harness the Power of Mobile Apps, Untether Your Employees

AT&T Mobile Application Management Powered by Apperian® Simplifies Delivery of Apps

Dallas, Texas, January 09, 2012

Mobile apps designed to drive productivity for businesses are cropping up all over the workplace. It’s no surprise – with the number of enterprise smartphone users expected to reach 285 million worldwide this year1, employees are well equipped for the mobile app revolution. But it’s often a challenge for companies to deliver applications to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of workers with different job functions and various types of devices.

That’s where a new mobility solution from AT&T* can help.

Available today, AT&T Mobile Application Management powered by Apperian gives businesses the tools they need to distribute, manage, analyze and help secure applications. And for employees, the cloud-based service includes a customized enterprise app store, making it easy to download the latest mobile applications to their smartphones or tablets.

Apps Amp up Business

Imagine a company that sells a wide array of products – everything from skin care to dog food to household cleaning supplies – to customers all over the world. Always on the cutting edge of technology, the IT department developed several mobile applications to boost productivity. This global business also decided to implement a “bring your own device” policy to support employees’ desire for flexibility and offer mobile applications to a wide personnel base.

Then, the company ran into a challenge – how could they make mobile apps accessible to workers on both corporate and personal smartphones and tablets, while maintaining the security of their corporate network?

AT&T Mobile Application Management, powered by Apperian’s Enterprise App Services Environment (EASE®), is the answer to these concerns, satisfying the requirements of employees, IT departments and developers alike.

  • Employees get access to an enterprise application catalog, customized with their company’s logos and brand colors. The refined user experience that AT&T Mobile Application Management powered by Apperian offers can help motivate app adoption. All employees need to do is search, tap and download – then start working more efficiently than ever before with the help of mobile productivity apps.
  • IT departments gain clear visibility into which employees have access to company applications and can remove sensitive data from lost or stolen mobile devices. They can deliver new or updated applications – as well as content such as videos, presentations and documents – to employees’ devices in a matter of seconds. And all this is done through a highly secure Mobile Application Management web portal.
  • Developers – on their own or with AT&T’s help – can build innovative, enterprise-quality apps and add features such as authentication, authorization, reporting and tracking with AT&T Mobile Application Management’s optional Software Developer Kit (SDK). The platform also provides Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for managing and sending out applications to a company’s users.

“As more companies let employees bring their own devices to work, IT departments need a simple way to push out mobile apps to larger audiences to achieve maximum return on enterprise app investments,” said Chris Hill, Vice President, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions. “AT&T Mobile Application Management allows a business to extend the productivity benefits of mobile apps to all of its employees.” 

“With AT&T Mobile Application Management powered by Apperian, companies can truly take advantage of the ‘bring your own device’ revolution to create a more motivated and happier workforce. It gives companies the insight and security they need, while also providing a great end user experience through features like the Enterprise App Catalog,” said David Patrick, CEO, Apperian.

According to Forrester Research2, “Corporate mobility strategies will evolve from the current focus on managing the fragmented mobile device landscape to managing a growing number of mobile applications for employees, customers and partners.”

Complementary to AT&T’s Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform (MEAP) and Mobile Device Management solutions, AT&T Mobile Application Management allows businesses to manage enterprise applications and application catalogs on most operating systems and device types, regardless of employees’ service providers.

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1 ABI Research, Mobile Enterprise Applications for Smartphones and Media Tablets, June 2, 2011.

2 Forrester Research, Inc., “Mobile Management Takes a 180-Degree Turn”, August 8, 2011.

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Apperian ( is a mobile application management (MAM) company.  Apperian’s EASE platform supports iOS and Android devices, and is used by many of the world’s largest companies to deploy and manage mobile business applications.