Pizza, Chinese, American Cuisine: Most Popular Food Searches in 2011; 300,000 Menus Added to AT&T's YP(sm) App

On average, every second, a call is made to a business using the popular YP(sm) app

Glendale, California, January 10, 2012

Mobile searches for nearby restaurants multiplied by the millions in 2011, doubling year over year[i], according to activity on the YPSM app. Not a surprise, restaurants were the most frequently searched item on the free app[ii] this past year and the hunger for everything from sushi to pizza was heard loud and clear. The latest YPSM app, part of the YPmobile® suite of products developed by AT&T Interactive, delivers a richer local search experience for foodies, including unprecedented in-app access to menus for over 300,000 restaurants.

At AT&T Interactive, we know that while the quest for food is different for different people, finding what you want efficiently is always appetizing. We also know that for many users, scanning the menu may be more important than wading through reviews, and for others, browsing coupons and discounts or only considering places that are kid-friendly are critical in making a decision.

Not in the mood for fast food but need food fast? New features help users quickly explore what’s cooking nearby:

  • Menus – Quickly access menus from over 300,000 restaurants across the US before deciding where to go.
  • Discover restaurants nearby – Pinpoint your search based on distance, cuisine, price range, ambiance and whether they’re offering a coupon or discount in a single view. The app even calls out how many nearby options there are in popular restaurant categories so you know if pickings are slim or if there’s a local favorite cuisine you should try. 
  • Deals – Buy and redeem Deal of the Day offers for tasty savings on food, drink and other popular goods and services.

Other features to nibble on when deciding where to eat:

  • More savings – Browse thousands of coupons and discounts and save them to “My Stuff”; the YPSM app alerts users automatically before they expire.
  • Gas prices – Need to fill up the tank first? The popular gas prices feature offers a unique and convenient view of the nearest and cheapest gas options.
  • Community – Our quick ratings feature makes it easy to add and check other users’ opinion about a restaurant without having to read through full reviews.
  • My Shortcuts – Always on the lookout for a cup of coffee? Easily configure your home page to tell you where the nearest coffee shop is without having to search.

On average, every second, a call is made to a business using the YPSM app[iii].

“AT&T Interactive believes the mobile local search experience needs to extend beyond providing users with a list of business names, addresses and phone numbers. The exciting opportunity in front of us is to continue building apps that actively facilitate decision-making,” said David Williams, vice-president of product management at AT&T Interactive. “Consumers need to be able to quickly choose a merchant based on what’s most important to them, connect by phone, online or in person and transact. The mobile device is very personal and over time our local apps will increasingly shorten the time and effort needed to get from inspiration to satisfaction. Consumers will find and buy what they need from merchants in their local community within one seamless experience.”

The updated YPSM app is currently available for free download in select mobile app marketplaces by searching for “YP.” Find out more about the app and where to find it at

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