AT&T Honors Suppliers for Contributions in Sustainability

AT&T Supplier Sustainability Awards Honor Suppliers in the Areas of Energy Efficiency, Alternative Energy, Environment and Packaging

Dallas, Texas, January 24, 2012

AT&T* today announced the 2011 AT&T Supplier Sustainability Awards, honoring suppliers for outstanding contributions that supported AT&T’s sustainability efforts during the past year. AT&T will celebrate the winners at a Dallas event on Tuesday, January 24.

AT&T recognizes suppliers in the areas of Energy Efficiency, Alternative Energy, Environment and Packaging. This year’s honorees provided AT&T with superior, sustainable solutions that furthered the company’s progress in these areas.

“AT&T suppliers earning this Sustainability Award have demonstrated praiseworthy initiative and innovation in the area of sustainability. They have delivered solid improvements that have helped support AT&T’s sustainability efforts for the year,” said Tim Harden, president of AT&T Supply Chain and Fleet Operations. “These awards acknowledge the contributions of our suppliers by highlighting those who stood out in providing exceptional value and advancing our programs beyond expectations.”

AT&T 2011 Supplier Sustainability Award Winners by Category

  • Alternative Energy: SunEdison (Belmont, California) – SunEdison’s contributions have enabled AT&T to expand its solar energy program from an initial pilot project to a national program. SunEdison excelled in designing custom solar systems for rooftops, ground mount, and parking canopies to best utilize the individual solar potential of each AT&T site.
  • Energy Efficiency: Summit Energy (Louisville, Kentucky) – Summit Energy has been an energy advisor to AT&T since 2007. They support AT&T in achieving energy cost savings, reducing consumption and helping minimize environmental impacts, improving reliability and supporting multiple energy-related efforts.
  • Environment: Battery Solutions Inc. (Howell, Michigan) – Battery Solutions Inc. provides AT&T with battery recycling services. In 2011, Battery Solutions participated in over 2,000 AT&T battery recycling projects and collected 56,574 pounds of batteries.
  • Packaging: TESSCO (Hunt Valley, Maryland) – As the main distributor for AT&T accessories, TESSCO is responsible for producing the packaging for most of AT&T’s branded accessories. In 2011, TESSCO helped AT&T evaluate options for and implement the use of a new plastic that contains up to 30% plant-based raw material in product packaging, reducing demands for petroleum-based plastic.

AT&T has more than fifty thousand suppliers of materials and services. AT&T’s suppliers are an important part of the company’s sustainability efforts. In their dealings with AT&T, suppliers are expected to observe the principles outlined in the Citizenship & Sustainability Principles of Conduct for Suppliers, which cover topics including sustainable business practices, diversity, ethics and labor rights. The award recipients are noted for their distinguished accomplishments toward a more sustainable supply chain.