Mobile Threats are Rising - Is Your Business Secure?

AT&T Advances Mobile Security Platforms to Help Protect Businesses Against Mobile Security Attacks. Employers at Ease Addressing 'Bring Your Own Device' Trend with New Mobile Device Management Solution

Dallas, Texas, February 27, 2012

With the “Bring Your Own Device” trend in full swing, companies need solutions to better manage and control employees’ use of personal mobile devices on corporate systems, without sacrificing a consistent user experience, productivity or protection.

AT&T* is expanding its leading portfolio of mobile security and device management offers with new network-based mobile security capabilities and a new mobile device management offer. AT&T provides device-based and cloud-based options to manage risk and enable control over a variety of connected equipment, including smart phones, tablets, and personal computers. These solutions are built on platforms that service enterprise, government and consumer customers.

AT&T Mobile Security

The AT&T Mobile Security platform is expanding with new network based security controls that complement existing device-level features including anti-virus, anti-malware and malicious application detection. AT&T Mobile Security now enables enterprise and government customers to:

  • Extend security policy to wireless endpoints
  • Apply policies to securely route mobile traffic to a corporate VPN, AT&T public or private cloud infrastructure
  • Help protect infrastructure and internet connectivity against DDoS attacks
  • Identify and stop connection attempts to known Botnets

New Mobile Device Management Solution

MobileIron Connected Cloud from AT&T is the newest AT&T MDM offering which works on multiple operating systems. It provides:

  • High visibility and control for IT departments into their mobile device inventory, including real-time insight into how applications and data are being used.
  • A highly-secure solution to monitor access, identify threats and enforce policy to better protect enterprise resources.
  • Enterprise Application Storefront which allows corporations to deploy in house developed applications or 3rd party applications to end users.
  • Compatibility with multiple mobile platforms, including iOS and Android and integration with existing enterprise systems such as Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory.

“MobileIron Connected Cloud from AT&T delivers enterprise-class management and security, and it does it fast – at what I like to call cloud speed,” said Bob Tinker, CEO, MobileIron. “Users can choose the best devices and apps for themselves and IT can focus on delivering a great mobile user experience.”

AT&T is seeing strong momentum helping to manage the myriad mobile devices running on a corporate network.

  • AT&T is managing tens of thousands of mobile devices for its business customers including large deployments of more than 5,000 devices.
  • AT&T significantly grew its mobile device management (MDM) business with a 30-fold increase in customers in 2011 compared to 2010.
  • IDC[1] reports that worldwide shipments of employee-liable, business use devices will grow by 34.6% to reach 182.4 million units shipped by 2015.

“Increasingly, companies are permitting employees to bring their mobile device of choice into the work environment, but are looking for assistance to do this in a highly protected and organized manner,” said Chris Hill, Vice President, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business and Home Solutions. “Our strategy to help businesses embrace mobility is to offer a range of managed security solutions to help protect customer’s mobile ecosystems through a layered approach of cloud-based and endpoint-based capabilities.”

AT&T provides security consulting services to help organizations assess the risk and mitigate the challenge associated with a mobile business environment.  AT&T Mobility Security Risk Assessment Services helps customers better understand their vulnerabilities and identify actionable recommendations for securing their mobile ecosystem through a thorough security analysis of their existing mobility infrastructure. In addition, businesses can benefit from the deep industry experience of the AT&T Mobility Solutions Services team, which provides solution architecture, development and lifecycle management services.

[1] IDC, Worldwide Business Use Smartphone 2011 – 2015 Forecast and Analysis, September 2011, IDC #230311