With the increased need for communication across the globe, it's becoming difficult to share ideas and navigate through a foreign country with the many language barriers individuals face. There are a number of translation services already available, but AT&T Labs has developed a new technology to make translation faster, easier and more accurate whenever and wherever you need it. Whether trying to order lunch in a foreign country or hold a business conference call, AT&T's powerful speech translation technologies have the capacity to make communicating easier than ever.

How did the Idea Hatch?

AT&T TranslatorImagine traveling internationally and checking into your hotel, ordering room service or scheduling a cab pick-up with the concierge service, all in your native language with the help of your mobile device. Researchers at AT&T Labs tapped into the power of mobile to develop a solution that removes language barriers to create a distinct, easy translation service that can be delivered through multiple platforms. From traveling to handling business with companies across the globe, users need to be able to communicate ideas and thoughts without the hassle of language barriers. There is no need to learn the language,* the new AT&T Translator technology does this for you.

About the Project

AT&T Translator is changing the speed and method in which users can communicate with the world around them. Spectra, an app using AT&T's cloud-based language translation service, marries mobility and translation, and empowers a global network to break down language barriers. AT&T Translator, when collaborated with automatic speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS) and WatsonSM speech recognition technology, takes the spoken or written language, translates it, and then provides the information in the selected language as chosen by the user. Spectra currently hosts six languages and is expanding to accommodate more language needs in the future. The technology is accessible from your smartphone, computer and tablet, making AT&T Translator the next step in breaking language barriers to provide faster and easier communication for travelers all over the world.

The Future

  • No more barriers. Need to instantly understand what someone is saying to you, but they're saying it in a different language? AT&T Translator closes this gap.
  • Providing help for those with special needs. This new technology will allow individuals with special needs, whether it's vision or speech, to communicate more efficiently.
  • One language. AT&T Translator brings the mobile world together and allows spoken language to be in one voice.

About the Researchers

Srinivas Bangalore is a Principal Member of Technical Specialist in the Voice and IP Services Laboratory at AT&T Labs-Research. Over his 15-year tenure at AT&T, he has worked on many areas of natural language processing, including Spoken Language Translation, Multimodal Understanding, Language Generation and Question-Answering.

Mazin Gilbert serves as executive director of technology research at AT&T. His collaboration spans many projects, including AT&T WatsonSM speech recognition technology, iMIRACLE — Content Retrieval on Mobile Devices with Speech and Speech Translation.

*AT&T Translator is currently available in 7 different languages.

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