maurices Offers Informed Shopping Experience in the Palm of their Customers Hands | AT&T

AT&T Debuts Location-Based Services Application with Digby

Dallas, Texas, Duluth, Minnesota, April 19, 2012

When customers walk into one of maurices’ 800+ stores to check out the latest fashion trends, they can now also check in with their smart phones. The retailer has introduced a new branded mobile app to help them enhance their customer’s in-store shopping experience. 

The app, introduced by AT&T* and developed using Digby’s Localpointä Mobile Platform, allows the retailer to set virtual perimeters around their stores. Once a customer has the app on their smartphone, and accepts the use of location information, maurices can send the shopper timely messages and offers via a push notification, alerting the user to noteworthy news about the specific store location as soon as they enter the store. Shoppers can also use the app to scan product barcodes in the store, allowing them to read product descriptions and ratings.

The maurices app is just one way the retail chain is communicating through their customers’ smartphones. The company has also introduced a new optimized mobile website, making it easier for customers to search, browse and buy via the retailer’s website, on their mobile phones.

“As a mobile marketing solutions provider, we offer our customers flexible, tailor-made solutions to meet their needs and the needs of their customers,” said Chris Hill, Vice President, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business and Home Solutions. “It’s our job to help them stay ahead of communication trends and allow them to better connect and engage with customers.”

 “We know our customers are relying more and more on their smartphones for communication and information, and that their time is valuable,” said Brett Trent, Vice President of Ecommerce for and “With the new app and new mobile website, not only can we better communicate directly with our loyal shoppers, but we can also provide detailed, relevant information right at their fingertips, helping them to make informed purchasing decisions.”

Digby Localpoint™ from AT&T

Expanding on its relationship with Digby for mobile marketing solutions, AT&T now offers businesses the power to know where their customers are – not just what they bought at the register. The Localpoint Platform gives brands the power to interact with consumers in a way that really matters to them. Through web-style analytics into shopping activities at a brand’s physical locations and targeted location-aware mobile messaging tools, Digby Localpoint from AT&T enables brands to attract,

influence, understand and own the relationship with their loyal customers across all channels through their own branded mobile experience.

Digby Localpoint from AT&T helps brands:

  • Effectively engage with consumers through their own branded app, based on their preferences and buying habits
  • Understand when their most loyal customers visit their locations
  • Uncover conversion rates for products purchased in retail stores
  • Drive traffic to their places of business with location-sensitive marketing programs
  • Enable consumers to search, browse and buy products from their smartphones whether they are at home, on the go or in the store

“The shopping experience is evolving as technology becomes more and more ingrained in our everyday lives,” said Dave Sikora, Founder and CEO of Digby. “It’s important for retailers like maurices to have the capability to connect with loyal customers on a personal level, deliver the information they need and provide a complete shopping experience, whether they choose to shop in-store or online.”

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