Beca Brings Creative and Talented People Together to Transform the World

Leading engineering consultancy uses AT&T services to enhance collaboration, set the course for strong growth as a truly international business

Auckland, New Zealand, April 19, 2012

Auckland's Sky Tower, "the Rock" at Wellington Airport, the Macau Tower and the SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore are all landmark projects in the Asia-Pacific region, and they all have something in common: they are among the more conspicuous projects with which New Zealand's Beca Group (Beca) has had involvement.

Because Beca, one of the region's leading engineering consultancies needs to harness the best talent from around the region to create added value for its Asian and international clients, the company is now using a  state of the art solution from AT&T to connect its employees and offices throughout the region. Beca is now using AT&T*'s Virtual Private Network (VPN) services in 11 offices in Asia Pacific, connecting to ten sites within New Zealand. This allows Beca's corporate headquarters and branch offices, along with selected partners and clients, to have improved access to information and resources, enabling increased productivity and collaboration.

Large scale engineering projects are generally unique and technically complex, often with significant commercial risk to clients. Given the commercial issues, Beca needs to ensure risk-free communications with all project team participants and is therefore deploying AT&T's managed security services, including cloud and premises-based firewalls, throughout the entire fully-managed network.

For Beca's continued growth to be sustainable, it's essential to bring its best talent from around the region together, to truly differentiate its service and create added value for their Asian and international clients. Beca can also realise a number of benefits which will contribute to its growth ambitions, including:

  • Improved collaboration across geographic locations via desktop video-conferencing and the sharing of very large two and three dimensional engineering design files;
  • Consistent service for voice, video and data applications through a unified WAN service.