Award-Winning Delegat's Strive to Deliver Oyster Bay Wines to More Dinner Tables Worldwide

AT&T empowers Delegat's global business strategies to ensure sustainable growth

Auckland, New Zealand, June 19, 2012

Delegat’s Group Limited is New Zealand’s largest publicly traded wine maker and Oyster Bay is its best-known brand. Until recently, the company’s data networks, both in New Zealand and overseas, were managed by several different companies. The result was higher latency, along with complications in managing different network infrastructure and specifications.

Delegat’s wanted a single provider that could provide a complete communications infrastructure solution to support its sustainable growth on a global scale. Through a rigorous RFP process several vendors were considered, but it was AT&T* that ultimately became its partner of choice.

Against a backdrop of a difficult global economic environment and  a New Zealand dollar appreciating against the currencies of its key export markets, Delegat’s remains focused on its long-term strategy delivering strong results in New Zealand and key international markets, including the United Kingdom, Australia and North America.

AT&T is delivering a seamless and reliable network that connects Delegat’s 12 operating locations in New Zealand via Wide Area Network (WAN) services, and eight overseas sales offices with Virtual Private Network (VPN) services, supported by co-location and Internet at all sites.

Using one global communications provider can also drive efficiencies and productivity by standardizing the specifications of Delegat’s network infrastructure, and facilitating easier routing across the network.

The enhanced network performance means improved response times and productivity for Delegat’s employees, especially those in remote locations both inside and outside Asia Pacific, taking advantage of AT&T’s Internet VPN services. “Great Wine People” at Delegat’s around the world can now work more closely and more efficiently together to establish Oyster Bay as one of the world’s great super-premium wine brands, and deliver it to more dinner tables around the world.


“Delegat’s has a strong performance culture in every facet of our business, and that includes communications. Our global network is a key enabler for communications amongst our global team, and with our customers and partners. AT&T provides unmatched strengths in its network communications, to meet our growth ambitions internationally,” said Wilson Alley, chief information officer, Delegat’s.

"Delegat’s is a New Zealand success story and they seek continuous performance right across their business. Following a recent WAN review project, they identified an opportunity to improve WAN performance and drive efficiencies by consolidating to a single provider. We are proud to be their global communications provider,” said Fred Girouard, AT&T Australia and New Zealand managing director.