AT&T Conducts its First Network Disaster Recovery Exercise in Ohio

AT&T Business Continuity Survey Reveals Local Businesses View Disaster Preparedness Planning as a Priority, Plans Include Social and Cloud Components

Cincinnati, Ohio, July 27, 2012

From floods to fires, thunderstorms to tornadoes, Ohio is well-accustomed to the unexpected natural and man-made disasters that can wreak havoc on day-to-day life. Recognizing the importance of crisis preparation in this region, AT&T* is conducting a Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) exercise in Ohio from July 31 to August 1.

These exercises are conducted several times a year to simulate the recovery of a network office that failed due to a natural or man-made disaster. They are designed to test, refine and strengthen AT&T’s business continuity and disaster recovery services in order to minimize network downtime when unforeseen disasters strike.

While this exercise typically targets large businesses and organizations, AT&T also recently launched an initiative aimed at highlighting the importance of disaster preparedness for small businesses. The initiative, “Safeguard Your Business,” provides small businesses with a single convenient destination for emergency and disaster preparation and planning, and offers a 10-question emergency readiness quiz. According to the Ad Council, nearly two-thirds of U.S. small businesses do not have an emergency or disaster preparedness plan in place, despite the fact that about one in four small businesses will experience a “significant” crisis in any given year (Association of Small Business Development Centers).

Meanwhile, the results of a 2012 study from AT&T indicate that business continuity planning is seen as a priority by most (82%) of local IT executives in Ohio. Almost all (87%) of these executive indicate that their companies have a business continuity plan, almost half (47%) of Ohio executives include Facebook in their business continuity plans, and six out of ten (61%) are using or considering using cloud services to augment their business continuity recovery strategy.

“Ohio businesses and organizations recognize the critical importance of ongoing investment in crisis preparation, and we’re hopeful that they will continue in this direction,” said Tom Pelto, AT&T Ohio state president. “AT&T is thrilled to conduct its first NDR exercise in Ohio to help ensure we’re all as prepared as possible in the event of disaster in our area and beyond.”

Business Continuity Study Key Findings

AT&T’s 2012 Business Continuity Study found that businesses in Ohio are preparing for potential disasters and view network capabilities and complexities as key priorities to consider in business continuity plans.

  • Business continuity planning is considered a priority by most (82%) IT executives in Ohio.
  • Almost all (87%) of these executives indicate their companies have a business continuity plan.
  • Six out of ten (62%) companies have had their business continuity plans fully tested in the past 12 months.
  • Two-thirds (68%) of Ohio executives include their wireless network capabilities as part of the business continuity plan.
    Most frequently, Facebook (47%), LinkedIn (40%) and Twitter (34%) are part of the business continuity plan.
    Six out of ten (61%) are using or considering using cloud services to augment their business continuity recovery strategy.

For more information on the 2012 AT&T Business Continuity Study, including complete research results visit:

Study Methodology

The results are based on an online survey of 101 Information Technology (IT) executives in Ohio. The study was conducted by Research Now with companies having total revenues of more than $25 million. Surveys were obtained between April 6 and 19, 2012.

AT&T NDR Program

Next week’s NDR exercise in Cincinnati includes an extensive deployment of network recovery equipment. The exercise tests and refines the team’s speed and efficiency in restoring wired and wireline network operations in the event of an actual disaster. Essential to AT&T’s own comprehensive business continuity plan, the Cincinnati NDR exercise will feature 11 disaster recovery trailers and vehicles, including a technology trailer, emergency communications vehicles and a variety of smaller utility and support trailers, as well as a search-and-rescue dog team demonstration.

AT&T has invested more than $600 million in its NDR program, which includes specially trained managers, engineers and technicians, as well as a fleet of more than 320 self-contained equipment trailers and support vehicles that house the same equipment and components as an AT&T data-routing or voice-switching center.

More information on AT&T’s NDR program is available at AT&T Network Disaster Recovery.