Oklahoma State University Selects New Campus Messaging System

Rave Campus Messenger from AT&T Offers Fast, Effective Distribution of Critical Information

Stillwater, Oklahoma, July 31, 2012

When sharing urgent information to a large audience, speed is key. For large college campuses like Oklahoma State University, however, relaying important messages to students and employees in a quick, seamless way can be a challenge. OSU leadership know their community – 36,097 students and 13,233 staff members – relies on mobile devices for information and recently implemented Rave Campus Messenger from AT&T*.

With the transition to Rave Campus Messenger from AT&T, OSU has a speedy and comprehensive notification system that allows the university to send and receive important messages across a variety of different devices, including cell phones, wired phones, computers and tablets, as well as via social media.

In addition to being used for Cowboy Alert, OSU's urgent notifications for campus-wide alerts and breaking weather information, Rave Campus Messenger from AT&T can also be used to share lecture cancellations and campus news via text message, email or recorded voice message. Students and employees are automatically enrolled in the system once they provide their mobile contact information.

“It is essential that Oklahoma State University keep up with the expectations our students and employees have about being informed on our campus.  Rave Campus Messenger from AT&T is giving us the ability to meet those expectations,” said OSU President Burns Hargis.

“The mobile application from AT&T has improved the delivery time of our messages, which means we can keep our students and employees better informed,” Hargis added.

There are a variety of ways to engage a university or college campus, and Rave Campus Messenger from AT&T offers the flexibility to reach students on the platform they are most likely to see – whether it is mobile texting, email or social media.

“In a generation of 24/7 access, students are highly mobile and expect their campus notifications to be, too,” said Chris Hill, Vice President, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business and Home Solutions. “With Rave Campus Messenger, schools can reach the campus community quickly and easily – allowing for a more connected and informed student body.”

AT&T is dedicated to preparing students for this innovation-driven economy, with products and services that help institutions improve productivity both in and outside the classroom.  Introduced in 2011, Rave Campus Messenger from AT&T is part of a portfolio of mobility solutions available for businesses, government organizations and educational institutions.

Rave Campus Messenger from AT&T

  • Rave Campus Messenger from AT&T is a web-based notification system designed to foster efficient communications within colleges and universities.
  • Users can select their preferred communication method, distributing time-sensitive information such as lecture cancellations and payment reminders via text message, email or recorded voice message. The application is ideal for both large and small institutions and supports high messaging volumes.
  • Uses full hosted, Software as a Service technology, allowing it to be used for many messaging purposes within higher education. Schools deploying the solution can be up and running within one day with minimal configuration.

For more information, visit Rave Campus Messenger from AT&T.