Open MSS Project Overview

Digital security is critical for every business, but making the various security tools easy to access and use is a challenge. Open Managed Security Services (OpenMSS), as a service delivery platform, provides a single tool for AT&T expose to outside developers its network security services. In addition, for each of these network services (network firewalls, DDOS protection, etc.), AT&T will expose the corresponding APIs to developers to leverage their value.

The service delivery platform by OpenMSS will provide faster, more seamless access to AT&T’s security tools to a broad range of customers in the enterprise, SMB and government spaces. OpenMSS creates a “hub”, that allows vendors to easily on-board their services, by integrating with our standard APIs and a self-service market-place that enables a complete self-service experience for our customers. OpenMSS will make it easier to provide new network services (VPNs, firewalls etc.) with a much better user experience.

The Face of Innovation

AT&T Foundry researcher, Elad MazakiThis project came into the AT&T Foundry in Israel as a request from the Chief Security Organization within AT&T, led by Duncan Sparrell, distinguished member of the technical staff, and Michelle Barry, director of technology security.

Elad Mazaki, an innovation coach at the AT&T Foundry in Israel, provides leadership, product definition, daily agile development and architecture. Elad considers himself “a Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. I have over 15 years of experience in the software market, which began while serving in the Israeli Army. I have a great passion for technology and for how it changes our life.”

The Future for OpenMSS (Managed Security Services)

Through OpenMSS, AT&T is working toward becoming the first marketplace of choice for any security vendor and the market leader in managed security services:

  • Next steps in security. AT&T plans to create the largest ecosystem of security developers and vendors, and develop the first “standard” for security services.
  • OpenMSS in action. AT&T will soon on-board its first vendors to the OpenMSS delivery platform while continually investigating additional productization possibilities. AT&T eventually hopes to integrate OpenMSS with AT&T’s billing systems.
OpenMSS from AT&T Innovation

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