AT&T Mobile Security: Ready for Business

AT&T Strengthens Comprehensive Mobile Security Solutions with New Capabilities

Dallas, Texas, September 25, 2012

With a new generation of employees accustomed to being connected virtually anytime and anywhere, CIOs need to ensure the protection of confidential data and compliance with government mandates. AT&T* today announced the availability of AT&T Mobile Security, a new solution for businesses and organizations that strengthens AT&T’s portfolio for mobile security and mobile enterprise management.  

AT&T Mobile Security includes device-level security, application protection, mobile device management (MDM) capabilities, network-based security controls, and encrypted transport. It is carrier-agnostic and available for multiple mobile operating systems. 

“Based on what we saw in the PC-based era, we know device-level protection alone is not enough to secure the mobile environment,” said Ed Amoroso, Chief Security Offer, AT&T. “An effective approach to security must include network level visibility to detect threats before they reach the enterprise, so customers can confidently and safely take advantage of mobile solutions for their businesses.”

According to the Ponemon Institute[1], more than 50 percent of surveyed organizations reported data loss during the past year and 59 percent saw an increase in malware infections due to insecure mobile devices.

Multi-Layered Approach to Mobile Security

AT&T’s multi-layer approach to security and mobility management provides businesses and organizations with in-depth protection across wireless environments including device and network level threat detection, application controls, and secure mobile VPN.  

“Key differentiators for AT&T are its deep expertise in network security and its holistic approach to Enterprise Managed Mobility,” said Stacy Crook, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Mobility at IDC. “The addition of mobile security to its portfolio is a logical and appropriate next step to providing what today’s businesses need for protecting their mobile environments.”

“AT&T Mobile Security is unique,” said Kitty Weldon, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Mobility at Current Analysis.  “No other carrier or IT service provider has come up with such a comprehensive proposition with protection at the device layer and within the network infrastructure.”

With expertise in helping to design, integrate and operate mobile solutions, AT&T provides customized solutions for devices, applications, platforms, support and management services, network services, cloud solutions, and lifecycle management. 

AT&T’s comprehensive portfolio of security and mobile solutions includes:

  • AT&T Mobile Security – Device and network protection plus MDM.  Based on Juniper Networks® Junos® Pulse, software on the device protects against viruses, malware and malicious applications. Network capabilities enable secure access to enterprise assets through private and encrypted tunnels, while helping to protect against botnet infection, malicious websites, and data leakage. 
  • AT&T Toggle – Integrated security and workspace management for BYOD.  Provides full visibility and control of the device in “work” mode, while maintaining privacy on the personal side of the device.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) – Device management capabilities including remote location, lock, wipe, backup, and restore services to decrease risks associated with lost or stolen devices. Customers have access to multiple options through AT&T Mobile Security or other AT&T MDM solutions.
  • Mobile Application Management – Application lifecycle management including cross platform application distribution through branded channels, administrative portals, and reporting tools.
  • Mobility Solution Services – Mobility experts and professional services to architect, build, support, and manage end-to-end solutions.

For more information on AT&T Mobile Security, visit\security.

[1] Ponemon Institute Research Report: Global Study on Mobility Risks