AT&T AdWorks Announces Click-to-Fill

Click-To-Fill is an Opt-in, Easy Way for Consumers to Auto-Populate Information on Advertiser’s RFI Forms

New York, New York, October 01, 2012

AT&T AdWorks announced today it has launched, Click-to-Fill, an opt-in experience that allows consumers to auto-populate their name, address, phone number and email address based on their AT&T subscriber contact information.  Once the Request For Information (RFI) fields are populated with the desired contact details, consumers then submit their information through the mobile device. With more than 100 million mobile subscribers, AT&T is the first major carrier to provide such an offering designed to maximize conversion and response rates for advertisers.

The seamless experience begins with ads that are served on the AT&T AdWorks Mobile Audience Network –comprising of 120 million unique monthly users and more than 10 billion available monthly ad impressions.  When consumers choose to click on the mobile ad, they are directed to an advertiser’s branded RFI page. By selecting the Click-to-Fill button, AT&T mobile customers can populate their name, address, phone number and email address into the appropriate fields. Subscribers are then able to submit their information to the advertiser for a seamless, hassle free, real-time interaction. Non-AT&T mobile subscribers can also interact with the RFI by manually entering their information into each field.

“We are excited to offer this benefit to advertisers to connect easily with interested consumers,” said Michael Rosen, vice-president Online and Mobile Sales, AT&T AdWorks. “Click-to-Fill improves and simplifies mobile lead generation and promotional campaigns for advertisers.”

AT&T AdWorks is committed to protecting the privacy of AT&T customers and its offerings focus on reaching audience segments based on non-personally identifiable and aggregate information.