AT&T Delivers Upgraded Network for Subsea 7

London, England, October 02, 2012

AT&T has just completed an upgrade of Subsea 7’s global IP-based virtual private network (VPN), effectively doubling the size of its network. The expanded network will now cover a total of 30 Subsea 7 sites worldwide.

Following the merger of  Acergy and  Subsea 7 in 2011 the company needed to integrate the two organisations’ separate networks together, consolidating legacy sites to one central network as the global workforce increased to a total of 12,000.

  • Subsea 7 is a leading seabed-to-surface engineering, construction and services contractor to the global offshore energy industry, with local presence in major offshore energy regions including:
    • Africa, Gulf of Mexico and Mediterranean
    • Asia Pacific and Middle East
    • Brazil
    • North Sea and Canada
  • AT&T has worked with Subsea 7 for over five years, providing wide area network, hosting and global VPN services
  • AT&T VPN has since been deployed globally across Subsea 7’s sites is various geographies, including Australia, Brazil, Norway, the US, UK and Singapore.
  • Connecting the sites on a single, unified network has enabled employees to work more collaboratively and productively, providing access to shared resources and business-critical enterprise applications across the organisation

By implementing AT&T’s VPN global network, Subsea 7 has been able to consolidate all voice, video, data and other applications on one central VPN.


"Making a smooth transition from two companies to one presents a variety of technical challenges. Our longstanding relationship with AT&T meant we knew we could rely on excellent customer service and counsel, as well as reliable delivery on technical needs such as network resilience and global reach,” said Anders From, IT Director, Subsea 7.

"We’re delighted to support Subsea 7 in their upgrade exercise and are confident the newly reinforced network will play a key role in improving their overall business agility,” said Dave Langhorn, Vice President UK and Ireland, AT&T.