AAA FindMe Now Available for AT&T Mobile Customers

Free Location Service Will Cover Up to 25 Percent of AAA Road Service Calls

Dallas, Texas, October 09, 2012

AAA drivers hitting the road, who are also AT&T* subscribers, now have the option to instantly share their GPS location with AAA Roadside Assistance through AAA FindMesm – for free. The rollout with AT&T is underway with full US coverage anticipated early in 2013.

AAA FindMesm is a free member benefit from AAA that will allow stranded drivers to get the help they need, where they need it, even if they aren’t exactly sure what street they are on or when they passed the last mile marker. There are no additional charges, special devices or required downloads.  

AAA FindMesm for AT&T customers with AAA is enabled through AT&T Location Information Services, which provides businesses with a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) designed to gather and manage location data. Using these APIs, AAA’s developers were able to add AT&T to AAA FindMesm to ping a customer’s location in the network and deliver that information to AAA counselors seamlessly.

“Experiencing car troubles in an unfamiliar location can be a stressful situation,” said Marshall L. Doney, AAA National Vice President, Automotive, Financial Services and e-Business.  “We are thrilled to now offer AAA FindMesm to our members who use AT&T mobile phones. By offering accurate geographic data the moment our members pick up the phone and dial for help, AAA and AT&T can provide more to its members and customers.”

Innovation for Business

AT&T gives developers access to APIs as part of an ongoing initiative to open its network and promote innovation in both business and consumer environments. Currently, AT&T has 74 open APIs that allow applications to interact directly with its operating systems.

“We encourage developers to tap into the power of our network through tools like the Location Information Services platform, which can access location data on any carrier network or device,” said Chris Hill, Vice President, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions. “It’s amazing to see how many different applications can grow out of a single API when innovative minds are at work.”