AT&T Launches ConnecTech Botnet Initative

AT&T Helps Customers with Malicious Bot Detection and Removal

Dallas, Texas, March 01, 2013

AT&T* today announced the launch of an initiative to increase customer awareness of Botnet (Bot) attacks.  Botnet or bots, a collection of compromised computers, are used for malicious purposes such as attacking legitimate Internet service, sending spam or phishing email, or the theft of application serial numbers, login IDs, and financial information such as credit card numbers.

Customers face a real risk of their computers being maliciously infected by bots.  AT&T customers have access to resources to learn more about viruses and malicious software and their effects.  The AT&T ConnecTech Bot Tool, at, helps AT&T broadband customers determine the following:

  • Determine if their PC has been infected with a malicious BOT
  • Provide self-service or professional options for BOT removal
  • Provide actionable tips on how to prevent BOT infections

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