Communications Workers of America Fail to Ratify Agreement Covering AT&T Wireline Employees in West

Dallas, Texas, March 21, 2013

AT&T* today announced that wireline employees represented by the Communications Workers of America District 9 failed to ratify a three-year contract with AT&T West.

AT&T said it was unfortunate that the very fair and reasonable contract was not ratified; it included annual wage and pension increases and would have preserved excellent middle class careers. The contract would have covered more than 17,000 employees in California and Nevada. AT&T will continue to work to reach an agreement.

AT&T wireline employees represented by the CWA earlier ratified similar contracts, including: on Aug. 17, three-year contracts for the Midwest region and AT&T Corp. (CWA Telecommunications and Technology Office); on Dec. 7 a three-year contract for the Southeast region; and on Feb. 27 a four-year contract for the Southwest region. These ratified agreements collectively cover about 60,000 AT&T wireline employees. In addition, AT&T Mobility and the CWA on Feb. 22 announced a tentative four-year agreement covering more than 20,000 employees in 36 states (including California and Nevada) and the District of Columbia.

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