AT&T connecting your world

Innovation Technology Showcase from AT&T

Innovative Technology from AT&T

Whether you're a jet-setter, a working parent, a telecommuter or all of the above, choose the technologies that will help connect your world.

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AT&T Advertising API

With this API, developers can set location-based and demographic parameters to target ads, offering users a more relevant experience and increasing engagement.

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AT&T In-app Messaging from Mobile Number API

Using the API, developers are able to add SMS and MMS capabilities to their apps, enabling users to send text and picture messages from their AT&T mobile number – all without exiting the app. Now users don’t have to interrupt their app experience to send updates to family, friends or colleagues.

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AT&T Small Cells

A flexible network solution that delivers AT&T customers with the best possible mobile coverage and connectivity.

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AT&T Speech API — Voice Biometrics

Designed to eventually be a part of the broader Speech API, the voice biometrics capability gives developers the tools to incorporate voice-powered authentication and personalization technology into their apps.

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Keeping eyes on the road with an app that tracks and enforces mobile device policy in corporate vehicles.

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Virtual Companion

What if you had a personal assistant that can anticipate your needs and proactively provide suggestions for an improved lifestyle, all in the palm of your hands? Through AT&T’s Virtual Companion, your very own personal assistant can track your daily habits and provide recommendations to make mobile life smarter and simpler.

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Working Parent

Asthma Triggers

A sensor that alerts asthmatics to high levels of chemical triggers in the air using the power and connectivity of the AT&T network.

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Next Generation Automotive User Interface

A prototype interface that uses speech recognition and location sharing to create a new way to interact with cars and the people we’re connected to.

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Speech APIs for Your Connected World

Finding new ways to integrate speech recognition and text-to-speech into your driving experience, keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

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StorEbook Reader

With the AT&T StorEbook Reader app enjoy a story in a whole new way. Through emerging speech recognition technology, the app converts text to speech with different characters and distinct voices.

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U-verse Easy Remote

Look no further than your smartphone for the best remote for U-verse TV adding powerful voice search tools to enhance your entertainment experience.

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Visual Search

A powerful mobile app that allows you to find products, consumer photos and audio tracks, using a locally captured audio or photo sample.

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Ambient Communication

Seamlessly converse, collaborate and engage with coworkers from all over the globe through an immersive communications experience that combines videoconference capabilities, speech, gesture and touch interfaces, facial recognition and machine-to-machine communications, all on the AT&T network.

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AT&T Translator

Imagine traveling to a different country and having a personal translator directly on your smartphone. With AT&T Translator you can take the spoken or written language, translate it and get the information in the language of your choice.

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Federation as a Service

Easily unites messages, calendar, IM, and presence across different systems to enable businesses to more effectively communicate and collaborate.

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Good Times

An app that prevents distractions by assessing a user’s brainwaves to determine whether or not incoming calls should be allowed.

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A cross-platform technology that allows transferring of voice and video calls from browser to mobile device/tablet, without having to hanging up.

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