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AT&T Advertising API

Connecting your world

Since 2007, the app economy has evolved tremendously. Once amazed at the services and solutions provided by apps – leading to our uncontrollable exclamation of “Yes, there’s an app for that!” – we have now come to expect our everyday experiences to be extended and enhanced via apps.

To support this growth, the AT&T Advertising API allows developers to monetize their apps with in-app, paid advertising, offering an 80/20 revenue share that is driven by the number of advertisements a user clicks.

Developers maintain full control of the user experience as they have the ability to define the category, placement, context and delivery of the static image or text advertisements that will be pulled from a large and diverse inventory. With the API, developers can set location-based and demographic parameters to target ads, offering users a more relevant experience and increasing engagement.

The API enables developers to add monetization capabilities to their apps

How did the idea hatch?

The AT&T Developer Program is committed to providing developers with the resources and cutting-edge technology needed to spur and maintain true innovation. The Advertising API was exposed to third-party developers on April 4, 2013 via the AT&T API Platform.

The API enables developers to add monetization capabilities to their apps, and with the added revenue stream, developers have the opportunity to turn their idea into a real business. In turn, this can help developers remain focused on the build out and enhancement of their apps, leading to better end-user experiences.

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