AT&T connecting your world

AT&T In-app Messaging from Mobile Number API

Connecting your world

Imagine you are at home using your tablet to research resorts for your annual summer vacation. You need to decide on a hotel quickly, so you can book flights before they get too expensive. As you come across some appealing options, you want to get your spouse and daughter’s feedback immediately. Because your spouse is on an out-of-town business trip and your daughter is away at college, you send them both a text message from within the travel site, which includes a picture and link to the resort. Since the message is tied to your mobile number, they recognize it’s from you and immediately view the message and respond back. As you continue researching options, you get a notification of their responses from within the travel site. After reviewing their feedback, you are able to book your resort and are free to move on to other things.

The In-App Messaging from Mobile Number API gives application developers a powerful mechanism for extending the use and reach of their services.

How did the idea hatch?

Thanks to mobile devices, the Internet and 24/7 connectivity, we have transformed into a sharing society – sharing everything from videos and photos that make us laugh to simple updates on what we are doing or thinking. Text messaging has helped to fuel the sharing mindset. According to the IDC, there could be as many as 3.4 trillion messages sent in the U.S. alone by 2016.*

With its powerful network and the realization that users rely on text messaging as a central component of their communications toolkit, AT&T created the In-App Messaging from Mobile Number API to give application developers a powerful mechanism for extending the use and reach of their services. Using the API, developers are able to add SMS and MMS capabilities to their apps, enabling users to send text and picture messages from their AT&T mobile number – all without exiting the app. Now users don’t have to interrupt their app experience to send updates to family, friends or colleagues.

The In-App Messaging from Mobile Number API is available to developers via the AT&T API Platform.

The future

AT&T Messaging services continue to evolve to help people stay connected in different ways. With In-App Messaging from Mobile Number, application developers have the ability to expand the use of their services and keep customers engaged longer. Key current and upcoming features of this API include:

  • The Cloud Inbox. Users connected with an AT&T cloud inbox will be able to access, view and manage their messages from any device. Application developers can leverage this to provide a view into the user’s inbox that’s relevant to the application or service they offer.
  • Mobile Identity. AT&T ties the text or picture message sent from a third-party site to the mobile number of the sender.
  • Inbox Management. The AT&T Developer Program continues to innovate on this powerful new API with additional features that give developers more tools to provide a truly seamless messaging experience for their customers.

*IDC US Mobile Messaging Forecast 2012-2016 (Aug 2012)

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