Faster and Expanded Internet Connections Build Stronger Network Throughout North Carolina

AT&T increases Internet bandwidth for North Carolina Research and Education Network, benefiting Education, Health Care and Public Safety

Research Triangle Park , North Carolina, May 01, 2013

For more than a quarter century, technology non-profit corporation MCNC has built, owned, and operated a leading-edge broadband infrastructure meeting the needs of North Carolina’s research, education, non-profit health care, and other community institutions. In the last five years, it has expanded the reach of its services on the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN) to include public safety, libraries, and even more community-oriented institutions. 

In order to handle the additional capacity and redundancy required by the ever increasing demands of their constituents, MCNC has selected AT&T to design and deploy two new Internet access sites in North Carolina to address the heavy traffic volumes, and improve the quality and speed of their Internet connections.

MCNC serves all 115 public school districts, 58 community colleges, 27 independent colleges and universities, 47 charter schools, and more research, non-profit, healthcare, and North Carolina state and local government institutions. Education systems are increasingly reliant on the strength of their Internet connection as digital resources continue to become standard in school curriculums.  High levels of connectivity are necessary for students and faculty to use Web technologies, including video streaming, webinars, and online courses.

"As MCNC continues to expand network communications, AT&T was a clear choice to help meet our growing bandwidth needs," said MCNC President and CEO, Joe Freddoso. "We operate NCREN as a shared platform to deliver broadband services, giving our schools and our state a real competitive advantage in today's new broadband economy.”

The added connections put MCNC one step ahead of their customer demand for fast network response time and additional computing capacity.  With North Carolina education institutions using five to seven times the bandwidth than they did just three years ago, AT&T’s Managed Internet Service (MIS) will help them meet the Common Core State Standards initiative to enhance campus Internet connections.