AT&T Hackathon Winner Africa Swing Launches on WildTangent

AT&T and WildTangent expand mobile games collaboration to provide developers with continued go-to-market opportunities

Dallas, Texas, June 12, 2013

Swinging from AT&T* hackathon success to consumers’ devices, AT&T and WildTangent today celebrated the launch of Android-based mobile app Africa Swing, which won the first in a series of gaming-themed AT&T Mobile App Hackathons. As part of the first-place prize package, the AT&T Developer Program awarded team Africa Swing with WildTangent’s hands-on support to bring the app to market, which is now available via WildTangent’s mobile game service.

At the AT&T-hosted hackathon this past January, participants, including eventual winners Linghua Jin and Xiaomi Mao, were challenged to create a mobile gaming app in 28 hours. There, Jin and Mao developed a prototype for Africa Swing, a mobile game that challenges players to dodge obstacles while collecting points with upcoming actions signaled by the rhythm of the in-app music.

“AT&T hackathons provide a great opportunity to experience game development from concept to execution,” said Jin. “AT&T and WildTangent gave us the tools and resources we needed to build a fun game, and now we have a chance to share it with consumers.”

Through continued collaboration with the AT&T Developer Program, WildTangent will provide go-to-market support for winning developers participating in future gaming-themed AT&T Mobile App Hackathons.

“AT&T is committed to empowering the developer community with the right resources, expertise and environment to help them quickly create innovative apps and services,” said Carolyn Billings, associate vice president, AT&T Developer Program. “Heightening the value we are able to provide to developers attending our hackathons, we work to bring the right collaborators, such as WildTangent, to the table to accelerate an app’s time to market. The result is new apps like Africa Swing that enhance consumers’ wireless experience.”  

To ensure that AT&T subscribers have the opportunity to download Africa Swing and other exciting apps available through the WildTangent mobile game service, the company is exclusively offering AT&T subscribers 25 WildCoins – WildTangent’s digital currency – for registering with the free game service. The WildCoins can be used to purchase games, in-game items and game rentals. AT&T subscribers can also apply any game purchases or rentals directly to their AT&T account.

"Mobile leader AT&T is embracing our one-of-a-kind games service,” said Sean Vanderdasson, senior vice president of WildTangent. “WildTangent gives customers more choices for how they discover and play games, and we look forward to bringing these choices to AT&T's subscribers as well as introducing consumers to new, cool apps that we help bring to market through AT&T hackathons.”

AT&T subscribers can download the WildTangent games app by visiting on their Android smartphones and tablets.

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