AT&T MBA Labs Program Gets Products to Market More Quickly Than Ever

Unified system ensures the same quality business solutions, without the wait

Dallas, Texas, June 19, 2013

Not many people know that every wireless device on AT&T’s network is subject to weeks of external testing to assure every device delivers a quality experience for customers. AT&T* announced today the AT&T Mobile Broadband Accelerator (MBA) Labs Program which will simplify the certification process and ensure that products will reach customers more quickly.

Before a device reaches AT&T labs it goes through testing with independent labs. Each device must be PTCRB certified in order to be submitted for AT&T’s Network Ready testing. PTCRB is the North American standard for testing wireless products and gaining PTCRB certification is a requirement for a product to work on a GSM-based wireless network.

AT&T is taking an innovative approach to reduce the amount of time it takes to get quality products in the hands of customers. The AT&T MBA Labs program cuts down the amount of time between each testing period by creating shorter testing cycles and eliminating overlap.

Manufacturers will be able to login in to an online onboarding system to create a new certification request and will be able to share that request directly with the MBA lab of their choice. Once testing is finished, reports and documentation of the device performance are electronically submitted to AT&T’s onboarding tool. Additional testing is then conducted by AT&T’s Network Ready Lab (NRL) to ensure that it meets specific requirements for AT&T’s network. Labs that are currently taking part in the new system include CETECOM, Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), 7Layers, AT4 Wireless, Bureau Veritas and Sporton Lab.

MBA Labs will offer full access to AT&T’s technical requirements, preventing duplication of testing procedures and ensuring that devices meet specific performance requirements. Eliminating redundancies allows for technical acceptance to be achieved up to 33 percent quicker, meaning products are available to consumers and enterprises at a more rapid pace.

“AT&T MBA Labs is an innovative approach to certifying our products that will benefit our customers,” said Cameron Coursey, Vice President – Product Development and Operations, AT&T. “This process still ensures the same level of product performance, but customers don’t have to wait around for the products that they need to become available.”