AT&T Launches "Super" Cell Sites At San Diego Comic Book Convention

Innovative multi-beam antenna technology helps enhance the customer experience

San Diego, California, July 15, 2013

AT&T* today announced the  deployment of not one, but two “Super” cell sites – a “Super” COLT (Cell on Light Truck), and a “Super” COW (Cell on Wheels) in downtown San Diego to help manage the expected increase in demand for wireless service during the comic book convention. The two “Super” sites are being deployed to boost capacity and enhance the customer experience for thousands of comic book and pop culture fans gathering at the sold-out event. Innovative multi-beam antenna technology gives the cell sites their “Super” status – with each providing network capacity equivalent to six traditional, single beam antennas.

The cell sites are part of AT&T’s ongoing innovative network solutions designed to help people stay connected – and share memorable moments with their mobile devices. In the past six years, mobile data traffic on AT&T’s wireless network has increased more than 30,000 percent. Finding new ways to meet data demand for large crowds at big events doesn’t take super powers – but it does take a determined team of network engineers and innovative network solutions, to equal a true dynamic duo in action.

From 2010 through 2012, AT&T invested more than $7 billion in its California wireless and wireline networks. In San Diego alone, AT&T has invested $750 million on the network – and completed nearly 1500 network upgrades since January 2011.   

In its most recent 20-market speed tests,  PC World/TechHive named AT&T the fastest 4G LTE network and best overall combination 3G and 4G services. AT&T’s 4G LTE network also ranked first locally in San Diego and in 23 other U.S. markets according to PC Magazine

In addition to Super cell sites at this year’s international gathering in San Diego, AT&T has taken further steps to ensure a solid network experience, including:

  • Increased 4G LTE /4G HSPA+ network capacities at the convention center by 113% compared to 2012
  • Increased 4G LTE /4G HSPA+ network capacities in the Gaslamp Quarter by 350% compared to 2012

These network enhancements are just one of the many examples of how AT&T is committed to providing a first-in-class experience for its customers in San Diego and across the nation.

For updates on the AT&T wireless network, please visit the AT&T network news page.