AT&T U-verse Arrive in Vonroe

Vonore Customers Get Access to Award-Winning TV and Broadband Services

Vonroe, Tennessee, July 02, 2013

Vonore residents now have a new choice for their television and broadband services with the arrival of AT&T* U-verse®.  AT&T today announced the launch of U-verse services including AT&T U-verse TV, AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet and AT&T U-verse Voice. The introduction of these new services in Vonore is part of Project Velocity (VIP)—AT&T’s plan to significantly expand and enhance its wireless and wireline IP broadband networks to support growing customers demand for high speed  Internet access and new mobile, app and cloud services.

“This investment is great news for Monroe County and Vonore and I’m excited to see these services coming here,” said City of Vonore Mayor Larry Summey. “I am pleased that we have an environment in Tennessee where businesses want to invest in our area, and the expansion of AT&T U-verse is just what we like to see - more consumer choices in Vonore.”

“I’ve believed for some time now that our collective success is tied to having access to leading edge technologies that can keep us connected,” said State Senator Mike Bell. “This is a real plus to have this kind of investment coming to our community to make next-generation broadband and video services a reality.”

"Additional choices and competition is great news for the citizens of Monroe County,” said State Representative Jimmy Matlock. “The introduction of these new services gives us new innovations for enjoying TV and Internet access when so many cities and towns are competing for new technology investments."

AT&T U-verse is being expanded in Tennessee thanks to The Competitive Cable and Video Services Act of 2008, HB 1421. The law provides an environment that encourages new video providers, such as AT&T Tennessee, to invest in Tennessee to compete against incumbent cable providers.

“Monroe County is continuing to grow and compete for investment and jobs thanks to the leadership shown by Senator Mike Bell, Representative Jimmy Matlock and City of Vonore Mayor Larry Summey,” said Monroe County Economic Development Director Shan Harris. “Their work through public policy is creating an environment that attracts investment and encourages innovation to make Vonore stronger and more prosperous.”

AT&T U-verse TV, which is delivered over AT&T’s advanced Internet Protocol (IP) network, will offer Vonore customers the freedom to watch hit TV shows virtually anywhere, extensive HD channels, competitive Internet speeds, flexible bundles and continued service innovation. AT&T U-verse recently named the 2013 Video Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan due to its excellence in customer value, innovation and growth. Since 2009, AT&T U-verse added more TV subscribers in total than any of the major TV providers reported**.

AT&T’s Project VIP includes a plan to expand and enhance AT&T’s wireline IP network to approximately 57 million customer locations in its wireline service area by year-end 2015. The Project VIP plan includes an upgrade for U-verse High Speed Internet to speeds of up to 100Mbps over the next several years.

More Choice, More Features

AT&T is the only national service provider offering a 100-percent IP-based TV service. IP provides numerous advantages over older, cable-based technologies, including the ability to integrate services and adapt to consumer demands. AT&T U-verse is also the only national provider in the United States to offer a fully-integrated Wireless Receiver, allowing customers to watch TV in virtually any room in the home, even where there’s not a TV outlet.

Where AT&T U-verse services are available, U-verse TV customers can enjoy numerous features and applications, including the ability to watch hit TV shows on qualifying mobile devices and online; manage DVR recordings remotely; the ability to choose and watch four of your favorite channels at once with My Multiview; an extensive High Definition (HD) channel and On Demand lineup; and the ability to access popular social networks on your TV screen.

AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet offers more speed options and includes wireless home networking capability for all Internet customers. When customers sign up for U-verse High Speed Internet, they’re also given access to the entire national AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network at no additional charge.

AT&T U-verse Voice is an advanced digital home phone service delivered over AT&T’s U-verse IP network. Customers enjoy great sound quality and clarity, as well as unmatched calling features that integrate with U-verse TV. When bundling their services, U-verse customers have the flexibility to choose the services in their bundle and can choose to bundle U-verse Voice service with TV, Internet and even AT&T wireless services for significant savings. 

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