AT&T and the Nature Conservancy Team Up to Help Washington State Customers Skip the Bag

AT&T to donate 10 cents for every checkout bag its customers forego

Seattle, Washington, August 12, 2013

In an effort to empower AT&T* customers with sustainable choices, increase efficiency and minimize impact on the environment, AT&T is teaming up with The Nature Conservancy to encourage AT&T customers to skip the bag when purchasing items from its retail stores in Washington state. With this program, which runs now through January 31, 2014, AT&T will donate 10 cents to the Nature Conservancy for each check out bag its customers choose to forego.

AT&T’s Skip the Bag campaign is in support of The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to protect and restore the lands and waters on which all life depends. The Nature Conservancy takes innovative action to invest in the planet’s environmental and economic future, such as Washington’s Oak Creek Wildlife Area.

Funds generated from AT&T donations will be used to support The Nature Conservancy’s work. For example, The Nature Conservancy is working in Washington with partners in the Tapash Sustainable Forest Collaborative to manage and restore the Oak Creek Wildlife Area to enhance wildlife habitat, salmon habitat, clean water, and recreational and economic values.

Carefully designed plans for thinning and controlled burns by The Nature Conservancy and our partners ensure that these forests mature as resistant to destructive megafires, while also continuing to allow communities, businesses, wildlife, and people to benefit from the region’s rich resources. Restoration thinning has already begun on 1,200 acres west of Yakima as part of plans to restore land along lakes, rivers and streams that provide clean drinking water.   

“The Nature Conservancy is dedicated to finding ways for nature and people to thrive and to protecting the great places to live, work and play that make Washington so special,” said Mike Stevens, executive director of The Nature Conservancy in Washington. “We are excited to be part of AT&T’s efforts to provide its customers with sustainable choices.”

“As we work to make our own operations at AT&T more sustainable, we also want to empower our customers to live more sustainably,” said Bob Bass, President AT&T Washington. “The skip the bag initiative joins our other environmentally focused retail efforts, like our eco-devices and device recycling programs that help AT&T and our customers to minimize impacts on the environment, today and well into the future.”

Throughout the duration of this campaign, customers will also have the opportunity to donate additional funds to The Nature Conservancy at AT&T stores in Washington state.

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