AT&T Leads Technology Recovery Demonstration in Portland, Oregon

Satellite COLTS and State-of-the-Art Trailers part of drill

Portland, Oregon, September 18, 2013

Violent storms, floods, even wildfires– Portlanders have seen their share. AT&T* recognizes the importance of reliable communications during a disaster and that’s why its Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) organization will conduct a technology recovery exercise in Portland from September 18-26. NDR exercises are designed to test AT&T's ability to respond to a disaster impacting a telecommunications central office. The drills include establishing emergency communications channels from the site – using equipment such as Emergency Communications Vehicles, satellite COLTs (Cell on Light Trucks), and microwave radio links.  The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation will also be performing agility drills using search dogs.

A total of 16 pieces of recovery equipment will be on-hand, including:

  • Five technology recovery trailers (semi-tractor trailers)
  • 450 kW power trailer
  • Emergency Communications Vehicle (ECV)
  • Satellite COLT (Cell on Light Truck)
  • Emergency Communications Auxiliary Trailer (ECAT)
  • Hazmat response trailer
  • 53’ Incident Command trailer and a Rehab/Team Support trailer
  • 50 NDR team members from across the U.S. will be participating in this exercise

In its two decades of service, the team has been deployed more than 70 times – including recent deployments for Super Storm Sandy in New York and New Jersey and Hurricane Irene in New England.  One of the team’s earliest deployments was for the 1994 earthquake in Northridge, Calif.

“We chose Portland for this exercise, in part, to help local and regional first responders understand NDR’s role in restoring communications for an area impacted by a disaster,” said Mark Francis, VP, Network Operations.”NDR exercises are a global effort – they are conducted in the United States and abroad to maintain the readiness of the team and its equipment.”

AT&T has invested more than $600 million in its U.S. NDR program. Team members have spent more than 125,000 working hours on field exercises and deployments over the last two decades. AT&T is the first company nationwide to receive the United States Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Private Sector Preparedness Program (PS-Prep) certification.

For more information about AT&T’s NDR program, please visit the Network Disaster Recovery page.