Hispanic Employee Group Celebrates 25 Years of Friendship and Services to Latino Communities

AT&T's HACEMOS believes that they do more when they work together

Dallas, Texas, October 08, 2013

AT&T congratulates its Hispanic employee group HACEMOS for helping communities and students succeed. The group has impacted communities across the country with everything from telling students about exciting jobs in technology and science to talking to teens about the dangers of texting while driving.

“For many years, Hispanics in our country have been an important part of our society,” said Debbie Storey, AT&T Chief Diversity Officer. “We thank HACEMOS this Hispanic Heritage Month for everything they do and celebrate their success in our own backyard. We recognize all 6,000 members who have made us better through the years.”

HACEMOS means We Do. The group began in 1988 as a small gathering of AT&T employees in San Antonio, Texas. Today it has more than 6,000 members in 17 states. Education is important to HACEMOS. National High Tech Day is the group’s biggest annual event that teaches students about jobs in science and technology. More than 15,500 students have learned about jobs in science, technology, engineering and math over the past 15 years. The event is put together with the help of AT&T Aspire Mentoring Academy, It Can Wait, and Junior Achievement.

“People in our country come from all over the world,” said Delia Hernández, HACEMOS national president. “Our employees are creative, original and they help us create products our clients need to get through the day easier and faster.”

HACEMOS members never forgot where they came from. They believe that they do more when they work together. They never gave up on their dreams. Take for example Olga Sanchez de la Vega who started in the grape fields and now works in telecommunications. Or Cynthia Allen who went from a call center rep to an area manager in Business Solutions. They are the real heroes of our story and the ones responsible for our success.

For more information, please visit HACEMOS.