Payfone Strikes Deal with AT&T to Verify Mobile Identity

Payfone Taps the Intelligence of the AT&T Network to Improve Mobile Identity Authentication

Dallas, Texas, December 17, 2013

Payfone, a leader in secure mobile authentication, will use AT&T* network data to boost its mobile identity services. The collaboration aims to offer better protection and convenience for AT&T’s mobile customers who use smartphones for banking and buying goods as well as for businesses providing online and mobile services.

Payfone will use an AT&T application programming interface (API) toolkit to access network data that adds to Payfone’s existing service. Using the API toolkit, Payfone’s service will allow businesses to confirm that the device being used during a transaction is authenticated on AT&T’s mobile network.  The agreement highlights how AT&T is fostering innovation and creating value for enterprise developers and solution providers.

“Payfone’s enhanced mobile identity authentication services show just one powerful way the power of our intelligent network can help companies create stronger customer relationships,” said Laura Merling, Vice President of Ecosystem Development and Platform Solutions, AT&T. “With the addition of the AT&T APIs, the Payfone solution could help transform how financial services and e-commerce companies confirm mobile transactions and reduce financial risk.”

“With AT&T, Payfone can now authenticate common mobile applications and services such as mobile banking, commerce and corporate email for any of the 107.9 million AT&T mobile subscribers.  This collaboration is a game changer because Payfone is able to provide enterprises unprecedented security without sacrificing convenience,” said Payfone CEO, Rodger Desai. 

Today, consumers are required to perform time-intensive and often frustrating tasks when logging into secure mobile banking applications, such as responding to a set of knowledge-based questions or text messages or completing CAPTCHA puzzles. Payfone’s service simplifies the process of authenticating the device, replacing the need for legacy techniques.

Using AT&T’s new API toolkit could also allow Payfone to help businesses manage their Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies for employees by automating the process of verifying whether devices are active and authenticated on the network.

The AT&T API toolkit is also available to enterprise developers and businesses in the U.S. that wish to utilize the AT&T network to increase the security of their services and make them easier to use.