AT&T Brings Mentoring Program for Secondary School Students to Europe

AT&T contributes $116,000 and Employee Volunteers to Young Enterprise to support career, skills mentoring program

London, England, February 05, 2014

AT&T* is planning a career mentoring program for secondary school students across Europe to help them succeed after they leave school.  The company has contributed $116,000 to Young Enterprise, the enterprise education charity, to identify schools in France, Germany, Slovakia, The Netherlands and the UK, as well as Israel.  

AT&T employee volunteers and Young Enterprise will lead custom master classes about future study, career options, personal goal statements and interview techniques.  Where possible, students will gain work experience through job shadowing with AT&T employees.

The program is similar to AT&T Aspire Mentoring Academy, which gives AT&T employees in the U.S. the opportunity to mentor students across the country. Junior Achievement (JA), the sister organization of Young Enterprise, is one of the non-profits working with Aspire Mentoring Academy.

Aspire Mentoring Academy is part of AT&T Aspire, the company’s signature philanthropic initiative. AT&T Aspire helps young people in the U.S. complete secondary school and prepare for continued study and careers.

“I understand the value and insight mentoring offers as I have benefited from mentors guiding me throughout my career at AT&T,” said Alex Parker, vice president, Global Service Management, AT&T.  “It’s exciting that we have the chance to inspire young people in Europe and share our knowledge about the business world.”

The initiative follows successful AT&T pilot programs with secondary school students in the UK and France.  Eighteen students participating in a United Way France ‘Success at School’ program took part in a day mentoring program at AT&T’s Paris office. In the UK, AT&T volunteers guided students in future study and career option workshops from Westminster City School, London and St. Augustine’s Catholic High School, Redditch, Worcestershire. 

Seven students from Westminster City School shadowed AT&T employees for two weeks and attended customer meetings.  For the final, the students were challenged to deliver an ‘RFP’ (Request for Proposal) presenting an AT&T service to their mentors who posed as AT&T customers.  

These programs will continue in the UK alongside similar new initiatives across Europe. AT&T has more than 5,000 employees in 30 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

In Slovakia, AT&T and JA recently held a conference on management skills for nearly 100 high school students at the Technical University, Kosice. The December 2013 event gave insight into the operations and project management skills required by businesses so attendees could apply them to their own student companies.

AT&T and Young Enterprise/JA have begun similar programs in Asia Pacific and Latin America. 

“We are delighted to be working with AT&T, said Michael Mercieca, chief executive officer of Young Enterprise. “With youth unemployment at unacceptably high levels across Europe, the work AT&T is doing to help students develop their key employability skills for when they enter the workforce is essential and is making a big difference to the students involved.”