Internet Leaders SBC and Yahoo! Launch National Co-Branded Dial Service

SBC Yahoo! DSL, a Broadband Service Being Built to Deliver a Completely New Kind of Online Experience, Is Expected to Launch This Summer

Sunnyvale, California, June 3, 2002

Starting today, consumers nationwide can enjoy a richer, more personalized Internet experience through the country's newest dial-up Internet service, SBC Yahoo!® Dial. Created by the alliance between Internet leaders SBC Communications Inc. (NYSE:SBC) and Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO), the new service combines SBC's reliable network access with Yahoo!'s content and proven ability to deliver the essential Internet services consumers want in an easy-to-use, personalized way.

SBC Yahoo! Dial offers consumers nationwide a compelling new choice for dial Internet service. At $21.95 a month for unlimited access, or $15.95 for customers who have or purchase an additional phone line or a qualifying package of SBC services, SBC Yahoo! Dial is competitively priced and provides more personalization, e-mail sub-accounts, e-mail storage and online personal storage than other leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs). When combined with top-ranked Yahoo! services, including finance, search and music, and features such as online calendaring, e-mail and customized news-tracking, plus a suite of premium services at no additional charge, the new capabilities make it easier for people to stay in touch, find information, manage their lives and have fun online.

"The new SBC Yahoo! Dial service will enrich consumers' online experience by providing valuable Yahoo! content, unmatched personalization capabilities and the network reliability customers have come to expect from SBC," said Ray Wilkins, SBC's group president for marketing and sales. "Consumers now have a powerful alternative to the 'one-size-fits-all' dial services offered by other national ISPs."

"The new SBC Yahoo! Dial service offers an enhanced online experience and new choice for consumers - particularly for the hundreds of millions of loyal Yahoo! users who are seeking an alternative to current ISPs," said Jim Brock, senior vice president, Major Initiatives, Yahoo! Inc. "SBC Yahoo! Dial is a compelling consumer offering that combines dial access, a customized portal and browser, and a suite of premium services and content. We believe the service will be highly competitive to the other ISPs on the market today."

SBC Yahoo! Dial is the initial service from the landmark alliance of industry leaders. Through the alliance, SBC, the nation's leading DSL Internet access service provider and one of the top five ISPs, and Yahoo!, the world's No. 1 Internet destination, will provide dial and DSL services to consumers and small businesses nationwide.

Later this summer, SBC and Yahoo! expect to launch a best-in-class broadband service in SBC's 13-state region. The service is being designed to take full advantage of a broadband connection and deliver an unrivaled online experience.

"In addition to SBC Yahoo! Dial, SBC offers customers a portfolio of communications and entertainment solutions that are unsurpassed by competitors, including local, long distance (where available) and wireless service, DSL Internet access service and DISH Network satellite TV services," said Wilkins. "SBC's customers can now 'right-size' packages to fit their unique needs."

SBC Yahoo! Dial Highlights
SBC Yahoo! Dial combines SBC's Internet access with the great content and features that keep consumers coming back to Yahoo! by the millions. In addition, as part of the service, SBC Yahoo! Dial subscribers will receive the following:

  • SBC Yahoo! Home Page. A personalized home page allows consumers to put information of greatest interest right on their start page.
  • SBC Yahoo! Customized Browser. Provides unparalleled ease of use and one-click access to SBC Yahoo! Dial services. Instant messaging and LAUNCHcast Internet radio are built into the browser, making it easier to contact friends and listen to music.
  • SBC Yahoo! Mail. A primary account with 25 megabytes (MB) of online storage space and 10 additional e-mail addresses, each with 10 MB of storage, allowing multiple family members to have their own e-mail account with ample online storage. Current SBC and Yahoo! customers can keep their existing e-mail addresses, and customers can access their e-mail accounts from virtually any Web-connected computer in the world.
  • SBC Yahoo! Security and Parental Controls. One of the industry's most comprehensive security and parental controls packages helps keep personal information safe online, provides virus protection and helps parents direct children to appropriate sites with the help of Yahooligans!, the largest human-edited directory of "kid-friendly" Web sites.
  • SBC Yahoo! Auctions and Classified Listings. Three basic listings in each area allow consumers to sell items over one of the Web's largest marketplaces.
  • SBC Yahoo! Photos and SBC Yahoo! Briefcase. With 60 MB of online storage, customers can save and share digital photos and files with family and friends.

Additional Premium Services
Consumers can also choose one of the following premium services at no additional cost:

  • SBC Yahoo! Games All-Star Package. A three-month trial membership allows players to run private game rooms and create and manage tournaments and league play.
  • SBC Yahoo! Personals ClubConnect. With this one-month trial membership subscribers can reply to SBC Yahoo! personal ads.
  • Bill Pay. Three month trial subscription, with up to 12 pay-anyone payments each month.
  • SBC Yahoo! Finance Research Reports. Up to three MarketGuide Provestor company research reports per month. The reports contain the same information Wall Street experts use to make their picks.

Subscribers will also receive a 10 percent discount on up to three additional premium services from categories including entertainment, finance and life management.

While SBC Yahoo! Dial is available to new customers today, existing SBC dial customers will begin switching to the enhanced service in several weeks. These customers will receive a CD-ROM that enables them to load software and begin experiencing SBC Yahoo! Dial within minutes. Current SBC dial customers can keep their existing e-mail addresses and can migrate their preferences while enjoying new benefits such as significantly more content, unparalleled personalization, additional storage space and e-mail addresses.

SBC and Yahoo! expect to make frequent enhancements to the SBC Yahoo! Dial portal to continually improve the customer experience by adding new content, functionality and features. Technical support is available 24-7 via an online help center (, a toll-free number (1-866-SBC-DIAL), e-mail and real-time chat.

Customers can learn more about SBC Yahoo! Dial and place an order by visiting or by calling 1-866-SBC-YAHOO.

About SBC SBC Communications Inc. ( is one of the world's leading data, voice and Internet services providers. Through its world-class network and its subsidiaries' trusted brands - SBC Southwestern Bell, SBC Ameritech, SBC Pacific Bell, SBC Nevada Bell, SBC SNET and Sterling Commerce - SBC companies provide a full range of voice, data, networking and e-business services, as well as directory advertising and publishing. A Fortune 15 company, America's leading provider of DSL high-speed Internet service, and one of the nation's leading Internet Service Providers, SBC companies currently serve nearly 60 million access lines nationwide. In addition, SBC owns 60 percent of America's second-largest wireless company - Cingular Wireless - which serves more than 21 million wireless customers. Internationally, SBC has telecommunications investments in 28 countries.

About Yahoo! Yahoo! Inc. is a leading provider of comprehensive online products and services to consumers and businesses worldwide. Yahoo! reaches more than 237 million individuals worldwide each month, and is the No. 1 Internet brand globally. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., Yahoo!'s global network includes 25 World properties and is available in 13 languages.