SBC Long Distance Celebrates Early California Success

Offers 3.6 Cents/Minute In and Out-of-State Long Distance Rate as part of Small Business Bundles

, , San Antonio, Texas, April 1, 2003

This is no April Fool's Day joke. SBC Long Distance today announced promotions that cut by as much as half its calling rates for consumer and small business SBC local service customers and announced new, deeply discounted calling plans.

As part of a promotion to celebrate the company's early successes in adding more than 1.3 million long distance lines in just three months in California, Golden State residential customers now can receive SBC Long Distance service for a flat 5 cents per minute, with no monthly fee - the lowest such long distance calling rate offered to consumers in any state from a major carrier - when they bundle it with SBC local service. These rates apply to direct-dialed calls from home.

In addition to the nickel-a-minute rate, consumers who have or purchase SBC local service also may bolt on a variety of long distance "blocks of time," including a block of 500 minutes for $10 each month, which equates to a per minute rate as low as 2 cents if all minutes are used. Overage minutes will be billed at the promotional rate of 5 cents per minute.

These moves, and others announced today, support the company's overall strategy by offering compelling, value-packed bundles of services to gain new customers and offer more services to existing ones.

On the residential international calling front, the company has reduced prices of popular "buckets of minutes" plans to Mexico, added a new Asia "block of time" plan, and cut its International SaverPlus plan rate as well as the per-minute rates to the 30 most frequently called countries covered by the plan.

As part of the promotion, SBC Long Distance also is providing substantial savings for small- and mid-sized business customers who choose bundles combining both SBC local and SBC long distance service, including significantly discounted per-minute basic long distance rates for both in- and out-of-state calling depending on monthly spending and term commitments - such as 3.6 cents per minute with a $15 monthly spend and one-year term commitment. And, SBC Connections business customers, or those who choose to bundle SBC local, long distance and in some cases Internet services, now could receive as much as $100 in long distance service credits a month over a 6-month period upon signing a one-year contract (credit depends on the basic minimum commitment package customer signs up for).

"These unprecedented promotional prices are our way of saying 'thanks, California' for a great start in the country's largest long distance market," said Ray Wilkins, president, SBC Marketing and Sales. "These promotions also underscore our commitment to reward those customers who buy bundles of SBC services with the best values, unparalleled convenience and exceptional service."

The SBC Long Distance residential celebratory 5-cent rate features unlimited, direct-dialed voice calling from home to anyone, anywhere in the nation. Customers who sign up for the promotion before May 31, 2003, will receive the 5-cent per minute rate for a full 12 months. At the end of the one-year promotional period, the rate will change to 7 cents per minute.

The promotional blocks of time, one of which equates to as low as 2 cents per minute when all minutes are used, are valid for 12 months after date of purchase. Overage minutes will be charged at a promotional rate of 5 cents per minute, normally billed at 7 cents a minute. The promotional monthly blocks available until May 31, 2003, are:

  • 500 Minutes for $10, or as low as 2 cents per minute
  • 200 Minutes for $5, or as low as 2.5 cents per minute
  • 60 Minutes for $2, or as low as 3.3 cents a per minute

New SBC Long Distance international calling plans and reduced rates include:

  • Asia Saver 60: This new option features a block-of-time plan for China, Phillipines, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan that provides one hour of calls to any or all six countries for $8.95 a month, with calls at 15 cents per minute thereafter.
  • International SuperSaver Plus: The plan rate is reduced to $4.95 from $5.95 a month and per-minute charges to the most frequently called countries covered by the plan have also been reduced.
  • SuperMexico 180 for $30, previously $45, for a potential per-minute rate as low at 16 cents per minute, if customers calling Mexico Zone 2 use all three hours of calls per month.
  • SuperMexico 300 for $48, previously $60, for a potential per-minute rate as low as 16 cents per minute, if customers calling Mexico Zone 2 use all five hours of calls per month.
  • SuperMexico 500 for $70, previously $90, for a potential per-minute rate as low as 14 cents per minute, if customers calling Mexico Zone 2 use the more than 8 hours of calls per month.

To get more information on SBC Long Distance, consumers may call 1-877-742-5722, or visit Spanish-speaking customer service representatives are available for residential customers by calling 1-877-376-3567. Korean-speaking customer service representatives are available by calling 1-888-722-8828.

Business customers can call 1-800-761-2020 or visit

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SBC Long Distance provides these direct-dial services in the SBC local service areas where FCC approval has been given and where arrangements exist with local providers. Residential promotional offers end May 31, 2003. Residential promotional rates valid for 12 months from subscription. Calling card calls not included in the block of time minutes and may not be billed at the same rates. Unused monthly minutes do not carry over. Unbilled use may appear on future bills. International plans require subscription to an SBC Long Distance domestic interstate long distance plan. Mobile termination charges may apply to international calls. Business promotional offers end June 30, 2003. Credits for new Connections customers vary with monthly commitment and term. Excludes taxes, fees, and state and federal universal service funds. Availability, rates and conditions are subject to change. The SBC logo and SBC are registered trademarks of SBC Properties L.P. © 2003 SBC Properties L.P. All rights reserved.