SBC and Introduce Search Engine Advertising Powered by Trafficleader Express

Local Advertisers Can Purchase Guaranteed Clicks on Popular Search Engines with a One-Stop, Full-Service Solution.

Pasadena, California, April 28, 2005

Advertisers want traffic. A new product offering from SBC® and delivers it. LLC, a joint venture of SBC Communications Inc (NYSE: SBC) and BellSouth Corp. (NYSE: BLS), has contracted with TrafficLeader, a subsidiary of Marchex (NASDAQ: MCHX) to launch an advertising package designed to simplify search engine marketing for local advertisers.

The new search engine product eliminates the need for businesses to learn and navigate multiple search engines, search methods and submission standards to advertise strategically on the Internet. It also reduces risk by enabling advertisers to purchase a specified number of clicks for a flat fee.

This full-service package is being sold by SBC Yellow Pages as a bundle (SBC Search Engine Solutions) and by (YPclicks!). The search engine product offering is modeled after BellSouth's successful Real Search Engine Solutions product also powered by TrafficLeader Express.

"Research shows that up to 30 percent of consumer searches online are for local information," said Myles Midgley, Executive Director-Internet Yellow Pages operations for SBC Directory Operations. "We're experts in connecting local buyers with sellers, and we're continually evolving our product offering to make sure we have the most complete solution available. Our new advertising package does just that. When businesses combine Search Engine Solutions with their current advertising, they can reach more customers who make purchasing decisions — no matter where they are searching online."

"Search Engine Solutions and YPclicks! are wonderful examples of how the partnership between SBC and BellSouth is enabling us to build a premier Internet Yellow Pages presence and offering for local businesses," said Charles Stubbs, CEO & President of LLC. "By introducing a common product across three companies, we are able to offer local businesses the direct benefit of this partnership and future value that we will be providing all advertisers as we move towards a single site and single platform."

"TrafficLeader Express provides BellSouth, and now SBC and with the ability to offer local advertisers a unique combination of search engine services that can effectively complement existing marketing programs," said John Keister, Marchex President and Chief Operating Officer. "The platform makes it easy for advertisers to leverage the benefits of search engine marketing across a wide base of distribution."

Once an advertiser signs up, keywords and phrases are submitted to a network of search engines to index the advertiser with a description of its business specialty. At this point the search distribution for the advertiser can be selected — based on criteria that may include business name, category and geography.

Advertisers have a wide selection of options through a network of many of the Internet's most popular search engines. SBC offers five advertising packages and offers four packages. The packages are based on the desired volume of clicks. The advertiser indicates the number of clicks it wants to receive. If the "guaranteed" clicks are not received during the regular contract term, the advertiser's contract is extended.

"With our search engine product, we've removed the risk and complexity for the advertiser. The fee is flat and the advertiser is assured of the exposure to consumers," said Midgley. "This offering is a perfect complement to traditional Yellow Pages advertising and demonstrates how both print and online Yellow Pages are a perfect link between buyer and seller." LLC, a joint venture between SBC Directory Operations and BellSouth Advertising and Publishing Company, operates three leading Internet Yellow Pages sites —, and Combined, the three sites receive more than 50 million monthly consumer business searches. In late 2005, the three sites will merge to form one site at the URL local advertising is sold by SBC Yellow Pages. local advertising is sold by BellSouth Advertising and Publishing Company.