AT&T Builds Nationwide Network for Taiho Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

AT&T Connects 82 Taiho Locations Across Japan with Network Integration Service

San Antonio, Texas, May 24, 2006

Tokyo, May 24 2006 — AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) announced today that it has built an 82-site network across Japan for Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., one of Japan's leading pharmaceutical companies. Leveraging its integrated Global Enterprise Management System (iGEMS), AT&T provides Taiho with full network integration services, including wide area network design, network construction, migration testing and management.

Taiho Pharmaceutical realized the need to strengthen its telecommunications network during the implementation of a new enterprise management system and its recent expansion of new branches and local offices. In particular, the company needed a solution that would provide efficient and reliable network management. Taiho selected AT&T to implement new nationwide network to provide increased efficiency while enhancing cost-effectiveness and achieving tighter information management.

"As globalization proceeds, competition within the pharmaceutical industry has become more intense," says Mr. Hisashi Kuroda, director of Information Technology Department at Taiho Pharmaceutical. "In considering future business management, we realized that an enhanced network is essential. The proposals and plans put forward by AT&T corresponded directly to our principles, so it was clear that we were making the right decision to adopt them."

AT&T's network provides Taiho Pharmaceutical with faster and more flexible communications without incurring additional costs. The network has a dual structure, offering complete redundancy, utilizing a variety of telecommunications providers and using AT&T's iGEMS system for network monitoring. As a result, the network ensures a high degree of fault tolerance for all 82 locations and can, therefore, minimize the impact of disasters and faults. AT&T also planned and performed migration testing throughout the implementation, resulting in seamless integration that did not interfere with Taiho's daily operations.

Within seven months, the new AT&T network was up and running at all proposed Taiho locations. The network will allow Taiho to respond flexibly and swiftly to future changes in business, systems and technology.

"Taiho's need for such a large-scale network was exciting for us. We were confident that our network would withstand this capacity because of our solid track record in providing network integration services and our accumulated skills from in-depth, hands-on experience," says Norihiko Minato, president of AT&T Japan. "We look forward to maintaining our relationship with Taiho, as they continue to expand and grow their business."

In order to respond to the needs of its customers quickly, Taiho Pharmaceutical has also implemented AT&T's remote access services, particularly for its medical representatives, that will allow employees to access the network from any location, any time.

About Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.
Established in 1963, with its headquarters in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Taiho Pharmaceutical is one of Japan's leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and has produced many innovative pharmaceutical products in the three major fields of oncology, allergy and urology, and has carried out the research, manufacturing and sales of health care products, as typified by the TIOVITA Drink (Nutrient tonic) and SOLMACK (Crude drug gastrointestinal remedy). The company, whose President is Toru Usami, has nine research laboratories, four plants, 24 branches and 51 local offices throughout Japan. It has 120.9 billion yen of sales, and 2,361 employees. For more information, please visit the following web site at

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