AT&T Helps International Travelers Stay Connected

Simple, Convenient and Affordable Wireless Plans Allow Summer Vacationers to Stay in Touch in More Than 190 Countries

San Antonio, Texas, July 12, 2007

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has announced that summer travelers can have convenient communication with friends and family down the street or around the world with AT&T's wireless service plans. With the broadest coverage of any U.S. wireless provider, AT&T offers wireless voice coverage in more than 190 countries and wireless data coverage in more than 135 countries.

AT&T makes it easy for customers to stay in touch by using their familiar hand-held devices, which save the time and hassle of finding and deciphering public or hotel phones in foreign places.

"Summer is traditionally when families take a break and travel, but people want the peace of mind that work colleagues, friends or family can reach them easily on their AT&T wireless number to communicate important information or share a special moment," said Carlton Hill, vice president of Voice Products and Devices for AT&T's wireless unit. "It is also reassuring to have a familiar communications tool when traveling in an unfamiliar area."

AT&T's wireless network operates on the GSM world standard, which allows customers to easily connect around the globe. Among the 135 countries where wireless data coverage is available, AT&T customers can access high speed EDGE network services in more than 85 countries and ultra-fast 3G mobile broadband services in more than 40 countries. A unique feature of GSM is that callers can simply dial "+" and then the country code and number to make calls from more than 190 countries worldwide.

Today AT&T offers a robust portfolio of voice and data plans for international travelers that are often more affordable and more convenient than other options, such as public or hotel phones:

  • AT&T World Traveler. For only $5.99 a month, customers receive discounted rates in more than 80 countries and roaming capabilities in more than 190 countries. Sample rates include 99 cents a minute in France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, 59 cents a minute in Mexico and Canada and $1.29 in Australia.
  • Bargains for North America. The AT&T Mexico plan is only $4.99 a month and provides roaming for 59 cents a minute while in Mexico and calls to landlines in Mexico for 9 cents a minute or calls to mobile phones in Mexico for 25 cents a minute. For $3.99 a month, Canadian callers pay 59 cents a minute while in Canada and 19 cents a minute for calls to Canada.
  • Cruise Ship Roaming. AT&T offers cruise ship roaming on Carnival, Celebrity, Island, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Seabourn cruise ship lines for $2.49 a minute.
  • Internationally Compatible Devices. AT&T offers more world phones than any other U.S. carrier, including new voice and data devices that operate on 3G technology at 2100 MHz to roam in Japan and South Korea. These devices include the Treo™ 750, AT&T 8525 and Sierra Wireless Aircard® 875U.
  • Text, Picture and Video Messaging. AT&T customers can stay in touch with friends and family in the U.S. by texting loved ones from abroad for 50 cents a message or by sending picture or video messages for $1.30 a message.

For the summer traveler who needs to stay connected to work, AT&T offers the following international data plans:

  • BlackBerry International. Customers can send and receive unlimited e-mail on AT&T approved BlackBerry® devices in the U.S. and in more than 135 countries for only $69.99 a month ($64.99 with any AT&T wireless voice plan).
  • PDA/Smartphone/iPhone International Data Plans. Travelers who need to work while vacationing can access international data plans on most business-oriented wireless devices for an additional $24.99 a month. The Data Global plan includes 20 MB of international data use in 29 countries (overage cost is $.005 a kilobyte) and unlimited domestic data. Outside discounted countries, the rate is $.0195 a kilobyte.
  • International DataConnect Plans. Travelers can maintain wireless connectivity to work or home with a laptop card. For 100 MB of data use internationally, including unlimited use in the U.S., users pay only $109.99 a month for usage in North America and only $139.99 a month for global access in more than two dozen countries worldwide.

Wireless Service Tips Before Leaving the Country

Activating the proper wireless plan should be part of every traveler's pre-trip routine. Below are the suggested steps to help ensure proper international wireless operation:

  • Contact AT&T sales representatives at 866-246-4852 to activate international services on your account.
  • Visit to see if service is available where you will be traveling.
  • Visit to determine if your wireless device has the frequency and wireless technology needed at your travel destination. For the best international coverage, choose a quad band world phone that operates on 850/1900 (North America) and 900/1800 (most other countries) MHz frequencies. For travel to Japan or South Korea, your phone must operate on 2100 MHz. AT&T retail stores sell devices and wireless LaptopConnect cards that operate on each of these frequencies.
  • Save emergency contact numbers in your phone, as well as hotel, airline and rental car information.
  • Purchase an international plug adapter to charge your phone outside the U.S.
  • Familiarize yourself with international dialing. With AT&T international roaming, callers can simply dial "+" and then the country code and number from more than 190 countries worldwide. Print the Quick Reference Guide and carry it with you.
  • Tip: When calling the U.S., the country code is "1."

For more information about AT&T's international plans, visit

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