Alorica Inc. Selects AT&T to Help Drive Initiatives for Customer Contact Center

New Suite of Services Will Support the Needs of Alorica's Contact Center Business

Chino, California, July 26, 2007

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has announced that Alorica Inc. has expanded its relationship with AT&T with a three-year $9 million agreement for network upgrades and new services. Alorica is upgrading its local area network and hardware architectures to support a state-of-the-art contact center that will support the company's business.

Alorica is a leading customer service-management provider that supports the entire customer life cycle — from front-office customer interaction to back-office reverse logistics. The company delivers fully integrated solutions, such as customer interaction management, service logistics, depot and on-site repair services, in-home integration and total e-business solutions.

AT&T's new network services will improve the efficiencies of Alorica's call-routing capabilities across its global contact centers, which will enhance the customer experience provided by Alorica's call center agents.

Using AT&T's Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network technology, Alorica will be allocating bandwidth to its locations, as well as using the inherent prioritizing capabilities of the technology. These improvements will optimize the capacity to handle increasing call volumes, will ensure that each call is connected with the highest service quality and will provide routing flexibility to protect against unforeseen outages or natural disasters. The MPLS solution enables Alorica the flexibility required to meet its current and future needs by allowing the company to easily add agents, contact centers or a combination of both.

With AT&T's MPLS, voice traffic will become more consistent and will increase in quality. Alorica will be able to balance the workload between all of its contact centers and will provide customers with faster and more efficient access to service. The AT&T MPLS network services allow Alorica to prioritize voice and mission-critical data traffic between all of its contact centers, warehouses and offices worldwide.

"Alorica is an innovative company that is always looking for ways to provide better service for our customers, as well as provide flexibility to its business model to help it grow new business," said Andy Lee, chief executive officer of Alorica. "To meet our customers' needs, we sought a provider that could assist us with rapid deployment of MPLS network services, provide the hardware and deploy the technical skills of the people to implement an entire solution. AT&T fit the bill perfectly."

The contact center is one of Alorica's core business offerings and provides an end-to-end solution for the entire customer service solution for Top Global 50 consumer electronics, computer and telecom companies. AT&T will make Alorica's contact centers more efficient by streamlining a variety of technologies that Alorica is using today. AT&T will connect Alorica's contact centers and consolidate its call services into AT&T's single global MPLS backbone.

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Alorica Inc. is a leading customer service management provider that supports the entire customer lifecycle, from front-office customer interaction to back-office reverse logistics. They deliver fully integrated solutions such as customer interaction management, service logistics, depot and onsite repair services, in-home integration, as well as total eBusiness solutions. Through their global contact centers, depot repair and parts fulfillment facilities, Alorica can provide the best-in-class service management, technology, people and process to help maximize their customer's profits.

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