AT&T Spreads $66 Million in Communications Capabilities across South Carolina

Columbus, South Carolina, February 27, 2008

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) today announced a five-year $66 million contract with the state of South Carolina to provide state agencies, local and county governments, school districts and libraries with advanced communications services.

AT&T is already the primary provider of communications services to South Carolina. The new AT&T contract will provide voice services to more than 3,000 locations.

AT&T currently provides the state with advanced data network services and dedicated Internet access, which allow state agencies, K - 12 schools and libraries in South Carolina to leverage advanced data applications and greater bandwidth utilization for critical public needs. The new AT&T voice solution will extend both 24/7 customer care and the support of a dedicated team of managers across South Carolina so that all statewide government locations will benefit from the new communications contract.

"Our voice and data network service needs continue to grow with the state," said Jim Bryant, chief information officer for the state of South Carolina. "AT&T has delivered a statewide solution to help us control costs and improve reliability so that our voice services really benefit government employees and citizens in South Carolina."

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