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AT&T Restoration Update
AT&T response teams continue making good progress in restoring service – more than 98 percent of its sites in the northeast region are up and running.

Letter to AT&T Customers
Our deepest concerns and thoughts are with the victims of Hurricane Sandy as we begin to see the full devastation of this unprecedented storm.

AT&T Restoration in the Northeast on an Accelerated Pace
AT&T is taking several steps to provide assistance and relief for those in the Northeast devastated by the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

AT&T and T-Mobile Open Networks to Customers of Both Carriers in New York and New Jersey
In the wake of destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, AT&T and T-Mobile are taking extraordinary measures to make sure our customers can stay in touch.

Help with Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts
Helping communities affected by one of the worst hurricanes to hit the United States is as easy as texting from your AT&T mobile phone.

AT&T Networks Prepared as Hurricane Sandy Approaches
With an arsenal of disaster response equipment and personnel on standby as Hurricane Sandy nears the Northeast, AT&T is ready to respond quickly.

AT&T Leads Technology Recovery Exercise in Downtown Los Angeles
Earthquakes, fires, floods, even man-made disasters – while it sounds like something straight out of a Hollywood movie, catastrophic events do happen, and Los Angeles residents have seen their share....

AT&T and State of Tennessee to Launch Text to 9-1-1 Trial
More and more, public safety agencies are embracing new technologies and IP-based networks to communicate with constituents in emergency situations.

AT&T Conducts its First Network Disaster Recovery Exercise in Ohio
From floods to fires, thunderstorms to tornadoes, Ohio is well-accustomed to the unexpected natural and man-made disasters that can wreak havoc on day-to-day life.

AT&T Survey: Businesses in Canada's Commercial Capital Place High Priority on Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
As one of Canada’s primary commercial centres, Toronto requires increasingly complex network infrastructure for its major industries, which include finance, telecommunications, education, and medical research....

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