There is a new economy taking root in America.

An environment where you can grow a good idea into a thriving business overnight.

At its core is a new generation of intelligent networks — faster and more secure. At its edge is an emerging revolution.


With 883,441 miles of network fiber, AT&T has one of the world's most powerful network backbones. And with the nation's fastest mobile broadband network carrying nearly half of all U.S. wireless data, we're providing a platform for innovation and job creation.


By using solar power at a number of our facilities, AT&T is generating over three million kilowatt hours of energy each year. And expanding our fleet of alternative fuel vehicles is cutting our CO2 emissions by 211,000 metric tons over 10 years. These steps are helping us build a stronger, more sustainable company — and helping create a more energy efficient America.


With AT&T Aspire, our $100 million commitment to improving high school success in America, and our employees who have volunteered more than 170,000 hours with students we are helping prepare the workforce of tomorrow.


With 266,590 employees, 60% of which are union represented, AT&T has America's largest full-time private sector union workforce. By investing over $65 billion in our networks since 2007, we're doing our part to move America closer to 100% broadband.


With 8 Nobel Prizes in our heritage, AT&T Labs continues to drive innovation. And by averaging two patents a day, we're still reinventing communications after 135 years.


From giving you tools to protect your privacy online, to providing the government with solutions for protecting America's digital infrastructure, AT&T is at the leading edge of security.


From Telepresence to connect businesses, telehealth solutions to bring patients closer to doctors, and AT&T Pioneers volunteering in communities, we're improving the way America lives and works.

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