Patent Licensing
Learn our patent licensing process, and find how you can best work with us.

AT&T Intellectual Property is a partner and catalyst for business growth in the communications industry and actively pursues relationships that foster the use and adoption of intellectual property.  In support of expanding intellectual property use, AT&T’s Patent Licensing program is focused on maximizing access to AT&T innovations while also ensuring that investments in research and innovation are valued fairly and appropriately.

AT&T Intellectual Property manages a vigorous Patent Licensing program.  Please contact us to learn which patents are available for licensing and how licensing certain technologies could enhance your business.

Click on the following links for overviews of some of our popular licensing programs: 

  Overview of AT&T MPEG-4 Patent Licensing Program

  Overview of AT&T Packet Loss Concealment (PLC) Patent Licensing Program

  Overview of AT&T WiFi Patent Licensing Program

AT&T MPEG-4 Video Press Releases:

   Rovi Corp.

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