Let's get started
Before you activate your AT&T Wireless Internet device:
  • Locate your IMEI and SIM (ICCID) numbers.
  • Locate the Quick Start instructions in the device box.
Note: If your device has a SIM pre-installed, look for the ICCID number on your equipment box.
Now you're ready to activate your device
1. Start with your new device powered off.
2. Visit the AT&T Activation site to activate your new device.
3. Use the Quick Start instructions included in the box to set up your device.
4. Set up voicemail.

New customers
Go to Set up Visual Voicemail to create a voicemail password and greeting.

Current customers
If you've recently changed your device or SIM card, you may need your existing voicemail password to set up voicemail on your new device. Forgot your password? Go to Reset voicemail password page.
Thank you for choosing AT&T.
Activating another device? Go to the Activate your device page.
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