Economic hardship self-certification

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Are you a California customer facing financial hardship with one of these services?

  • • AT&T Wireless (AT&T PREPAIDSM not included)
  • • A residential home phone service
  • • A small business account with 5 or fewer voice lines

Are you a New York residential or small business customer (25 or fewer employees) facing financial hardship with an account balance due prior to June 24, 2021 with one of these services?

  • • AT&T Wireless (AT&T PREPAID not included)
  • • Phone or internet service

Let us know by selecting Submit. Once you do, payment of such service or late fees or disconnection for non-payment of such service will be delayed through:

  • • Limited time for California
  • • December 21, 2021 for New York

Important: Was your account suspended or disconnected?
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By selecting Submit, you affirm you’re facing financial hardship and acknowledge we’ll use this info in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

New York customers: Selecting submit means that you attest due to the COVID-19 state of emergency, which began on or after March 7, 2020, you have experienced a change in financial circumstances.

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