Welcome to International Support

Welcome to International Support


Discover cost-effective ways to use your device when traveling outside the U.S.


Use your current talk, text & data while abroad


Take your existing plan to over 200 countries. Pay the daily fee only for the days you use your device.

Pay a one-time, per-device fee to talk, text, or use data in over 200 countries


Use your device abroad for 30 days or for as long as you need it.

Cruise options

Get tips about using talk, text, and data on your next cruise


More talk, text & data options

Some of our domestic wireless plans cover use in Mexico and Canada.



Travel with confidence

Check out these tips for traveling abroad.  



Manage your costs


Take control of your international use


  • Turn off data services like iMessage™ or Hangouts™.
  • Turn off apps that use a lot of data or that frequently update (like navigation, social media, and gaming apps) when you aren’t using them.
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“Image of using your smartphone when outside of U.S.”

Heads up:

While you’re traveling, we may text you about your data use to help you control your costs.

International billing


Keep in mind, you’ll pay international rates when your phone is active on an international network. If your domestic plan covers that country, you won’t be charged.


  • Traveling outside the U.S., Puerto Rico, or U.S. Virgin Islands? International rates apply to incoming and outgoing calls, texts, and wireless data.
  • Don’t have an international option?
    We’ll charge international use at higher pay-per-use rates.
  • Looking for international use on your bill?
    It may take up to 3 bill periods to show on your bill due to delays in reporting between carriers.
Image of U.S. map & AT&T bill


International talk & text


How to make calls, text, and check your voicemail while abroad.

Calling & texting to or from other countries

  • Dial the plus sign (+), then the country code and local number (the U.S., Canada, and most Caribbean countries use 1).
  • To call a U.S. number from another country, dial +1, followed by the area code and local number. For example, +1.123.555.6789.
  • In most countries, you can call a local number from your wireless phone just as you would from a landline phone.

Check your voicemail outside the U.S. 

Travel tips

Have questions about calling, texting, and using data while abroad? We have answers!

Limit streaming on cellular networks 

Streaming movies, videos, and music uses a lot of data. Try downloading your content before leaving the U.S.  

Turn off data roaming 

When you don’t want to use mobile data, turn it off entirely. Go to Settings on your device and look for Cellular or Network options. Turn it back on when you’re ready to use your mobile data. 

Get help while abroad

Have a service issue?


Try this simple step first: Turn your phone off for 1 minute. Then restart it.



Want more help?   


Keep in mind, chat isn’t available for AT&T PREPAID℠ (formerly GoPhone®).   


Call +1.314.925.6925 (free from your AT&T wireless phone).