Here for when the adventure begins
  • Use the data from your wireless plan and get unlimited talk and text while you’re abroad.
  • $10/day for one line.
  • $5/day for each additional line.
Let’s go

Use your phone just like you do at home

Use maps and ride share
apps to travel with ease.

Share photos of your adventures on social media.

Stay connected in over
200 destinations.

Here’s what you’ll get

  • $10 fee for one line gives you coverage for 24 hours.
  • $5/day for each additional line on the same account, used the same day.
  • Access to your data, so no need to hunt for Wi-Fi® while you travel
  • Unlimited texts to the world
  • Unlimited calls to the U.S.
  • Unlimited calls to 200+ destinations

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Here’s how it works

1. Add International Day Pass

Add it to each line on your Unlimited or Mobile Share® plan before you leave for your trip.

2. Enjoy and share your vacation

Share memories with everyone back home from 200+ destinations.

3. Pay daily fee

For each 24-hour period, you pay a daily fee for high-speed data from your plan and unlimited talk & text.


Get the most out of your data while abroad

  • Your 24-hour access starts as soon as you make or receive a call, send a text, or use data.
  • Turn off automatic updates, background data, and app refreshes, so they don't trigger the daily fee.
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Frequently asked questions

  • What is International Day Pass?

    With International Day Pass, you can use your Mobile Share or an AT&T unlimited plan while traveling abroad in more than 200 countries. You get unlimited talk within and between International Day Pass countries and back to the U.S., unlimited text, and use of the high-speed data plan that you use at home. Pay a daily fee for each 24-hour period that you talk, text, or use data within an included country. The daily fee applies to each line on your account using International Day Pass.

    For 1 line, it’s $10 a day.

    $5/day for each additional line on the same account, used the same day.

  • Which destinations are included in International Day Pass?
    International Day Pass is available in more than 200 destinations in Asia, Australia, Europe, Central America, South America, The Middle East, South Pacific islands and the Caribbean.
  • When am I charged for International Day Pass?
    The first time you use data, send a text, or make or accept a phone call, your 24-hour International Day Pass begins and you will be charged a daily fee. You won't trigger another daily fee until the next time you use your device in an included country after that 24-hour period ends. The daily fees are calculated and charged to your bill at the end of your billing cycle.
  • Do I need to remove International Day Pass when I return home to the U.S.?
    No, you don't need to remove International Day Pass when you return to the U.S. International Day Pass only charges a daily fee when you use your device in an included country. And when you travel abroad in the future, International Day Pass is already on your device so you're all set for your next international trip.
  • How will I be charged if I travel to multiple countries included in International Day Pass?
    You will only be charged one daily fee per 24-hour period for International Day Pass, even if you travel to multiple included countries in the same 24-hour period.
  • What countries can I call with International Day Pass while traveling abroad?
    If you’re in an International Day Pass country, you can call the country you’re in, any other International Day Pass country and back to the U.S. for no additional charge. Calls to countries not included in International Day Pass will be billed at International Long Distance rates. Per-minute pay-per-use rates apply unless an International Long Distance package is added to the device placing the call. Go to to review rates and options.