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2Based on network availability.
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Excellent internet service

The set up was a breeze. The connection is so far good. There was a follow-up call from AT&T personnel checking about the connectivity. I would definitely recommend this internet service.

Simple and impressive

Installation was incredibly hassle-free at our apartment complex—very much appreciated.

Lightning fast

Exceptionally fast internet, no problems. And for the speed, very reasonably priced.

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Frequently asked questions
  • What is the least expensive internet service available?
    Depending on your location, AT&T Internet offers a wide range of plans. Many customers are looking for reliable yet affordable internet service. Where available, AT&T Fiber plans start as low as $55/mo. plus taxes (autopay and paperless bill req’d.) with no annual contract and equipment fees included. Pricing for AT&T Fiber plans is straightforward, meaning there is no price increase at 12 months and no equipment fees.
    Check to see which plans are available at your address.
  • Is AT&T offering free internet?

    If you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), you may be eligible for free internet up to 100Mbps.

    To determine if you’re eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program, visit the federal government’s National Verifier at, or call the National Verifier at 877.384.2575. You may qualify if any of the following apply to you:

    • Your household income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. 
    • You participate in a qualifying federal assistance program. 
    • At least one person in the household is in the free and reduced-price lunch program or the school breakfast program (including the Community Eligibility Provision). 
    • At least one person in the household has received a Federal Pell Grant in the current award year.

  • What is the difference between AT&T Internet and AT&T Fiber?
    AT&T Fiber is available in select locations. You can check to see which internet plans are available at your address. We will show you the fastest speed available for your location. If only one plan is shown for your address, it’s our best available internet offer based on your location.1

    Fiber internet service is delivered over fiber optic cable. This is different from traditional internet, which transmits information by sending data over copper wires. Fiber has the potential to transmit data at faster speeds than DSL or cable-based internet. Learn more about Fiber internet.

    1With access from AT&T. Internet plans up to 100Mbps. Terms, conditions & restrictions apply.
  • What is the fastest internet plan available?
    Where available, AT&T Fiber with 5 GIG speed is the fastest residential internet plan offered by any major internet service provider.1

    1Fastest among major internet service providers, based on 5Gbps offering.  Internet speed claims represent maximum wired network service capability speeds and recommended setup.  Actual customer speeds are not guaranteed.  Single device wired speed maximum 4.7Gbps.  For more information go to

Internet Plans and Services

When choosing the best internet plan for you, you will first want to consider what is available at your location. You can check availability of AT&T Internet service here. This will show you the highest speed available at your location. If only one plan is shown, it’s our best internet offer based on your location.1

Next, you will want to get an idea for how much speed you will need. Internet speed is often measured by download speeds and upload speed in Mbps. The download speed tells you how quickly you can move information from the internet onto your device. The upload speed tells you how quickly you can send information from your device out to other parts of the internet. Mbps stands for megabits per second. A megabit is just a measurement for an amount of data. Megabits per second tells you how many megabits of data on average will move each second. You can measure the speed of your current internet plan here.

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable internet plan, AT&T Fiber plans start as low as $55/mo. with no annual contract and equipment fees included, where available. Pricing for AT&T Fiber plans is straightforward, meaning there is no price increase at 12 months and no equipment fees added. AT&T Internet offers 99% reliability.2

1Geographic and service restrictions apply.

2Claim based on 2017 - 2020 ACSI survey of customers rating their own internet service provider’s performance.

Which AT&T Internet plan is best for me?

Where available, AT&T Fiber includes five plans: 300Mbps speed, 500Mbps speed, up to 1 GIG speed (or gigabit internet), 2 GIG speed and 5 GIG speed. Internet 1000 is great for connecting smart homes, gaming online, and powering home offices. AT&T Fiber with 5 GIG speed is ideal for content builders and influencers who need a strong connection to go live.

If AT&T Fiber is not available in your area or you do not feel you need that much speed, AT&T Internet plans with lower upload and download speeds may offer the speed you need for things like streaming videos in HD and sharing large files.

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet is available to select households and businesses who cannot get traditional internet service (typically in rural areas).