1. *DATA# / *DATO# – Important information about usage delays: For all plans, we post recent data usage details (since your last bill) after AT&T receives this information, which can sometimes take 2-5 days for domestic data usage and up to 60 days for international data usage. If all usage data isn't yet received and posted by AT&T, the data usage amount may not fully reflect your actual data usage since your last bill.

    The following circumstances may delay the posting of your data usage.

    • If you're on a Mobile Share AdvantageSM, Mobile Share Value®, or Mobile Share® plan, the recent usage data received by AT&T is usually posted every three hours.
    While traveling internationally, additional delays of up to 60 days are possible.
    While your bill is being processed, usage information may not be available. In addition, because we create your bill based not on an estimate of your data usage, but on the actual data usage that is in our system at the end of your billing cycle, delayed data usage may appear on your next billing cycle.
    • For Hawaii data users, the time stamp for your recent data usage may be off by up to four hours.
    • Recent usage (since your last bill) may not be included if your account is new or if you changed your plan or add-ons in the middle of your billing cycle.