1. Advanced Messaging: Must be an AT&T postpaid wireless customer with Advanced Messaging-capable Android devices that are turned on and must be within AT&T’s domestic coverage area (excluding outside the U.S. and third-party networks).  Note: RCS is available outside of network coverage with Wi-Fi data if Wi-Fi Calling is enabled. 

    Restrictions: Maximum file size may be dependent on the device and firmware version being used, and current network conditions. AT&T reserves the right to change the message size limit at any time without notice.

    Charges: Your wireless rate plan’s text (SMS) and multimedia message (MMS) rates apply. Each text or file attachment counts and is charged as a separate SMS or MMS message.

    Incompatible services or features: Advanced Messaging requires an account that is set up for HD Voice. HD Voice is incompatible with Office Direct and OfficeReach. Go to for more info. Advanced Messaging also won’t work if messaging or data has been blocked on your line. 

    Data speeds: If you’re experiencing slow speeds due to congestion, restrictions on your plan, roaming restrictions or other factors, Advanced Messaging may be impacted and may not work.

    For more Advanced Messaging details, see