DIRECTV Residential Customer Agreement - Fee Schedule

Effective as of March 1, 2019 until replaced

In addition to any amounts due for your Service and Equipment and any amounts due under this Agreement, you agree to the following fees and charges. DIRECTV reserves the right to change these fees, increase or decrease these fees, or impose additional Fees without notice. Additional Fees may apply for non-standard installations.

Monthly Recurring Fees
Fee Amount When You Pay
TV Access Fee $7.00 Fee for each receiver, Genie Mini, and DIRECTV Ready TV/Device as applicable (see Equipment Lease Agreement for more details)
Vacation Hold Up to $7.00 If you place your Service on vacation hold for 2-6 months
Regional Sports Fee Up to $8.49 (varies by market) The fee for providing access to regional sports networks
Advanced Receiver Service Up to $25.00 The fee for HD, DVR and Whole-Home services
Transactional/One-time Fees
Fee Amount When You Pay
Federal Cost Recovery charge $0.69 Annual charge to recover fees paid to the Federal Communications Commission for providing DIRECTV service (subscriber fee and earth station and satellite fees). The FCC does not require AT&T or DIRECTV to collect this fee or surcharge from its customers.
Late Payment Charge $4.25 If you don't pay your bill by the due date
Activation Fee $19.95 Fee for activating Service
Returned Payment Fee Up to $30 (as permitted by law) You make a payment by check or other method that is declined
Early Termination Fee Up to $480 (prorated monthly) (as described in the Equipment Lease Agreement) If you terminate your Service prior to completing your Programming Commitment (as defined in the Equipment Lease Agreement) with us
Dispatch Fee $99.00 If we have to dispatch a technician to repair your Service or Equipment
Minimum Service $9.99 If we place your account in minimum service status due to non-payment
Restoral Fee Up to $20.00 If you restore your Service after it is placed in minimum service
Phone Payment Fee Up to $5.00 If you talk to an agent to make your payment; to avoid this fee, pay online or through our automated system
Order Assistance Fee Up to $5.00 If you order Pay Per View with the assistance of an agent or via telephone
Duplicate Statement Fee Up to $1.75 If you request a duplicate written statement
Ledger Request Up to $2.75 If you request an itemized ledger of past payments
Equipment Non-Return Fee $45-$135 (as described in the Equipment Lease Agreement) If you fail to return your receiver(s) or Genie Mini after canceling service
Receiver Upgrade Fee Up to $399 If you upgrade your receiver and do not qualify for any discounts or promotions