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The AT&T Phone difference

AT&T Phone is next-generation digital home phone service like you’ve never heard before. It delivers great sound quality, reliability, and, with over 20 features, allows you to control how and when you communicate.

With AT&T Phone, you get:

  • Over 20 calling features, including traditional favorites
    like Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Three-Way Calling.
  • Powerful advanced features like Do Not Disturb,
    Locate Me, and AT&T Voicemail.

With AT&T Phone, you can:

  • Make phone calls over your High Speed
    Internet connection.
  • Keep your current phone number.
  • Easily control your calling features and account online
    with convenient, Web-based call management.

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AT&T Phone lets you make and receive calls over your High Speed Internet connection
using your current phones. You can choose to keep your current phone number, or
request a new one.

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